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We've got a few active topics in the Accessories forum and this just in...
We've got you covered on the whole topic of sensor cleaning

If you've got a favorite accessory that you use all the time or if you're
looking for some new farkle for your camera bag, you'll find it here.

Reviews of equipment can be found here.

Looking for a tripod? You can find some info in this thread.

Join us for discussion of these and if you bought something that's absolutely the greatest,
write a mini review and post it here.

We'd love to hear your opinion on new stuff :thumb

Don't forget to check out the menu bar for all manner of coolness. From
editing your forum profile (You!) to a Gallery of shots, the menu bar puts
it all right there for you to use. Including the most valuable feature, the
search function. Use it to find past topics of interest. And if you're looking
for software or other accessories, be sure to check Club Smug for the
latest goodness first.

We've added a new feature in the Quick Links section of the forum. A
Calendar. You can find upcoming events there (like events featuring
an Artist-in-Residence).

Thanks again for visiting dgrin!
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