SOLD: Nikon D2x

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D2X with all original parts except a strap. I replaced the original eyepiece with the DK-19 large rubber cup. I bought the camera used as a backup when I planned to send my primary D2X to Melville in November. Since October I have taken no more than 200 actuations so I am not getting use from it. It is USA version with firmware 2.0.

I have not used the cables, software, or battery charger. They have remained in the box.

It looks like new - well almost. The only sign of wear I notice is on the plastic lcd cover/protector. The lcd protector is picking up a lot of glare in the photos I took.

I am asking $2825, which includes shipping (within U.S), and insurance if you pay by a bank check or money order. For paypal, please add another $75.

Photos are here:

Here is the last photo I took with it:




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