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    cjmchch wrote:
    Well lets just hope you get it. I dare say a few would have been shipped before they realised the error. The error would have been picked up by a rush on the product, I dare say

    Still no word. Order status still "in production"...
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    Still no word. Order status still "in production"...

    So I got the cancellation email:cry. I called to see when they would process my refund and the CSR told me my order was still active and would ship on the 12th...When you go to the link in the confirmation email does it still say "in production" or "canceled" ?
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    now totally cancelled:cry

    dell d-bags!rolleyes1.gif
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    now totally cancelled:cry

    dell d-bags!rolleyes1.gif

    Oh well it was too good to be true at that price.
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    DEAL: Green Camo Burton Zoom Pack $64.93


    regular price for this great backpack was $129

    now on sale for $64.93

    you can ship it to local REI store for free and pick up.
    otherwise $8.99 shipping.

    I already have black zoom pack. it is really awesome backpack.
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    I didn't understand how this was photography related until I clicked the link (description posted below)... (sounds pretty cool)

    For the snowboarding photographer, Burton Zoom Pack is heaven sent. Removable heater pockets keep your camera and battery ready to perform.
    • Padded internal compartment can be customized to accommodate your specific cameras, lenses and related gear
    • Removable heater pockets extend battery life
    • Internal organizer pockets let you keep notepad and pen at hand so all those photos make perfect sense later
    • Snowboard/skateboard carrier lets you keep your hands free no matter if you're hoofing the city or knee-deep in powder
    • Plus, this pack offers a vertical board-carrying option for fatigue-free hiking; usable even when the pack is empty
    • Ergonomic shoulder harness system lets you carry a fully loaded pack in comfort
    • Bring along your tunes: stash your MP3 player in the sound pocket, which includes a headphone cable exit port
    • Also features a beverage pocket
    • Durable water-resistant zippers
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    I purchased this pack for my trip to the Bahamas!

    Purchased the black one from REI, paid $129.00 for it.
    Pack arrived and had the $64.95 price tag on it, I called and they refunded the difference

    I can say it is quite nice. It is a rear loading photo carrier with room in the front to hold a laptop/books etc. Comes with small random pockets to hold memory cards, snacks, etc. At the top of the pack there are two compartments, one that is fleece lined (good for sunglasses or ipod)
    and one that has a mesh zippered pocket and a removable pouch with a clear window.

    The photo compartment is fully padded with a flap that covers it.
    (makes for changing lenses inside the pack quite nice)
    The foam carrier has velcro dividers that can be moved around to make your own sized compartments.
    With it being rear loading it makes it impossible for sticky fingers to unzip the back of it and take out your photo equip.

    I used it as a carry on with all my equipment and wallet,passports, magazines,
    sweater, etc.

    It will hold a good amount of gear and protect it fairly well.
    It has a sternum and waist strap.
    Numerous external straps to attach tripods, monopods, ski poles, etc.

    Has a Burton logo on the back, does not scream steal me!
    Very incognito, looks just like a regular pack.

    It will not fit tall people very well, 6 footers and above.
    (waist strap would ride on your stomach)

    I give it a A+ !!!
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    Lowepro CompuTrekker backpack in black at
    As someone who has shown an interest in carrying cases and bags, you might want to know that you can save $30 when you purchase the Lowepro CompuTrekker backpack in black at Simply apply promotional claim code JQUT7RSP to your order and $30 will be deducted from the total.
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    great Tripod sale
    Found this on slick deals I thought it was a pretty sweet deal. If you sign up for google check out you get another $10 off so its really free if you take the super slow free shipping.

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    Deal: refurbished iMac
    In case you didn't know, Apple just lowered the price on the older iMac refurbs to a great price.

    I bought a 24" Core2 Duo 2.16ghz iMac for $1,199, free shipping. I am quite pleased with it. The best part is the screen: this is a 24" S-IPS monitor and it is amazing. Also note that in this white, 2006 model it is NOT glossy, so even better.

    I upgraded the memory to 3GB (bought it from, not Apple). It runs Lightroom, PS CS3 and Windows under VMWare Fusion without breaking a sweat (yes, all at the same time)
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    Deal: Upto 50% Off Computer / Photo

    I like BookPool more than Amazon as I do not have to pay taxes when purchasing from BookPool.....and i have always had to pay taxes on every single order thru amazon, even if coming from an independent seller in sucks that way.....................
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    DEAL!!! Canon Pro 9000
    I was having trouble with my Epson R1800, and the wife and I went into Best Buy to get an el cheapo printer so she could print her financial aid paper work. We walked around looking at HP, Canon, Epson etc... you know the $59 type of printer. Well we looked at the ink prices for these el cheapos, and we were SHOCKED! A $60 printer requires $50 ink!!! Disgusted we walk towards the front of the store and I spotted the Canon Pro 9000, sarcastically I said to Stacey, "let's just get that one!" expecting to see close to $500 for the price. Stacey responded OKAY let's! I looked at the tag and my mouth fell open! The Pro 9000 was on clearance for $198!!!!! clap.gifthumb.gifclap.gif :ivar wings.gif I could not believe it! There was a printer new in the box below the display, so I snatched it up, stared at it in disbelief, ASKED an employee if this was right.... Then just about RAN to the check out counter with the printer in my arms!!!

    I checked online, and the printer is on sale at Best for just over $400, but you have to call your local store and see if they have the same promo I got, if they do, RUN TO BEST BUY!!!!

    Okay... gotta go to bed, but I am going to have fun playing and printing tomorrow, if there is ANY INK LEFT when I get home from work! clap.gifclap.gifwings.gifwings.gif
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    Deal: Seagate Barracuda 1TB = $150
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB Hard Drive - 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA-300, OEM

    Tiger Direct - Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD

    I get Tiger Direct's email with all there deals and saw this one. That's 15 cents a gig! I remember when it was about 2 bucks a gig.

    It's OEM so probably doesn't come with any cables or anything but it has a 30 day guarantee from Tiger Direct and I believe a 5 year warranty from Seagate.

    I don't know if this is a super great deal or not as I'm not in the market for a hdd right now so I haven' been comparing but thought somebody might could use a 1 TB drive for 150 bucks.

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    1TB for $150 is a smoking deal, but I just worry about storing that much info on one drive, I probably would have bought that one if they were offering it when I purchased my 500GB. I will buy another 500 GB when this fills up and prices should drop even more so I might still come out spending the same amount.

    For those of you with a Costco Card, they usually have a 500gb Western Digital for $119 all the time and sometimes it is cheaper with a coupon.

    Check it out
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    Deal: 1TB SATA Drive: $99
    Newegg has a WD 1TB SATA Drive for $99...and no rebate, free shipping.

    Storage problems be gone!
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    Before you throw down you money.. check out

    just rebate and its twice the size 1 Terabyte Western Digital


    Art Scott wrote:
    External Hard Drive Deal

    Here is a deal$146.95 [after rebates of course on a 500gb *"EXTERNAL"* harddrive.....this be da LINK

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    baltoed wrote:
    Before you throw down you money.. check out

    just rebate and its twice the size 1 Terabyte Western Digital


    The original post was from almost 2 years ago. Back then, that was a great deal!
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    The original post was from almost 2 years ago.
    Yeah - we keep this thread running, rather than start a new thread for every little hardware deal. thumb.gif
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    James S wrote:
    I was just getting ready to buy another External but have never heard of Simpletech.

    I was going to buy another WD. Anyone ever heard of SimpleTech?

    I have a Simpletech and it works fine. Have had it about a year or better.

    Tom :thumb
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    COld shoe adapter
    Really nice Cold shoe adapters with umbrella holder over at deal extreme. About 7 bucks each. A tone better than 100 bucks!!!
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