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Just as I needed to scan today's ultrasound prints, the first time in ages I've needed to use the scanner, I've realized I no longer have a machine that this scanner is compatible with! (It requires some form of windows, all I have here are macs and linux machines.) It's a very good scanner, you can get details of it over at HP's site, or elsewhere on the web.

Specifically: it's a C5101A. It's been well cared for, but it has scanned a lot of slides and 35mm negs. The last ones it did were a while ago now, maybe a year and a half, for a co-worker... I don't have the images, but could get them if someone wanted to see a sample. I have it in the original packaging (which is where it's spent a lot of it's life) with all the original manuals, blower, calibration card, loose element scanner pocket, etc. Also the CDs, but you would be FAR better off downloading the current code from HP. The usb cable has gone awol, but I'll throw in a replacement. (I think it's hooking me mum's printer to her mac actually. :D )

I see one of these recently cleared on ebay at $250, and there are a handfull with 'buy it now' prices set in the same ballpark... so I'll start the bidding here at say $175. Any takers out there in the windows world?

UPDATED: now on eBay, at lower price... looks like that $250 was a fluke.
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