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It begins!
Last Photographer Standing Contest Qualifying Round #1

At long last, the Dgrin Last Photographer Contest is officially under way! This is Contest #1, a qualifying round. This round is open to any dgrin member! It will run from Monday, March 5th 12:01am to Monday, March 19th 12:01am. *all NYC time (GMT-5)

The topic ready for your interpretation: Chilled or Steamy.

Shay says:
Open the creative centers of your brain to illustrate what "Chilled" means to you. If "Chilled" is just not your thing, then put your creativity behind showing us what "Steamy" brings up in your mind. Just remember, there are other photographers out there working on the opposite theme hoping to take your spot as a semifinalist, so your work has to visually stand up to some heavy competition, make it your best!

The dual theme is designed to spark interesting visual contrast in the challenge entries. The viewers should be treated to an exciting and non-predictable viewing experience. It should also serve to stimulate and inspire other photographers to enter the contest. What we are going for is nothing short of visual overload! Full speed ahead, this is going to be great!
This thread, is the one into which you post your entry. Remember, 1 entry per person, and the photo must be fresh, taken during this contest period. Entries must have exif embedded or appended. Click here and here for help. Photos entered without proper exif showing a clear shot date will be disqualified.

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  • Shay StephensShay Stephens Artist in Residence Registered Users Posts: 3,165 Major grins
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    Meet the judges
    We have the distinct privilege of having a panel of judges with a wide range of talent for our first qualifying round.

    You have seen him post regularly on dgrin. He has a vast storehouse of technical knowledge that he shares on a regular basis that we all have been able to benefit from. And he is the current moderator of the camera forum.

    Hailing from Slovenia, she has done some wonderful landscape work. With a colorful eye for the dramatic and unexpected, her work is sure to inspire many.

    When you think of trying to capture the very essence of what it is to be human, cocasana's work is there. From piercing eyes to glimpses of the human spirit, cocasana's portraits will stand the test of time.

    Our contest and challenges moderator and all around contest director. You know him, you love him, what would life be like without him :-)

    Shay Stephens:
    I will be be judging as well.

    I invite you all to explore their websites. They will be on the panel of judges that selects the top ten photos for this first qualifying round.
    Creator of Dgrin's "Last Photographer Standing" contest
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  • bgaras2001bgaras2001 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 24 Big grins
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    fever steamy entry
    i was hopeing to submit an i at the right place ? the post said use this post....... i must have read it wrong.

    (Shay edit) Yes, this is the right place. I snipped the rules out.
    Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTExposure:0.004 sec (1/250)Aperture:f/11Focal Length:39 mmISO Speed:100Exposure Bias:0/2 EVFlash:Flash did not fire
    Orientation:Horizontal (normal)X-Resolution:72 dpiY-Resolution:72 dpiSoftware:Adobe Photoshop CS WindowsDate and Time:2007:03:07 16:00:33White Point Chromaticity:313/1000, 329/1000Primary Chromaticities:64/100, 33/100, 21/100, 71/100, 15/100, 6/100YCbCr Coefficients:299/1000, 587/1000, 114/1000YCbCr Positioning:Co-SitedExposure Program:ManualDate and Time (Original):2007:03:08 05:17:11Date and Time (Digitized):2007:03:08 05:17:11Shutter Speed:522046/65536Metering Mode:PartialColor Space:UncalibratedFocal Plane X-Resolution:3954.233 dpiFocal Plane Y-Resolution:3958.763 dpiExposure Mode:ManualTag::EXIF::0xA500:22/10Compression:JPEGXMP Date and Time (Original):2007-03-08T05:17:11-05:00Image Width:2094 pixelsImage Height:2838 pixels
  • vandanavandana Major grins Registered Users Posts: 373 Major grins
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    "chill, (un)cork, clink, champagne !"


  • RhuarcRhuarc Pilotographer Registered Users Posts: 1,550 Major grins
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    Well, here is my entry so far. This may change if I find something that I find more appealing. I tried to do a play on the word Chilled. I took it as though it was Chilly, aka Chili. But at the sametime it was steaming hot. You get the picture.

    "Steaming Chili" - EXIF
  • SwartzySwartzy Right Brained Scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,293 Major grins
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    Chilled, On The Rocks
    Taken 3/11/07
    Canon Rebel Xti
    ISO 200
    Canon 28-135 IS @95mm
    1/125 second
    Aperature Priority

    Chilled, On The Rocks
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  • SystemSystem Registered Users Posts: 8,195 moderator
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    Oui Oui

  • explorishexplorish begrinner Registered Users Posts: 135 Major grins
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    chilled steam

    date taken: 2007-03-13
    exif here:
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  • becca07becca07 Live-Love-Laugh Registered Users Posts: 8 Beginner grinner
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  • tleetlee Perma Grin Registered Users Posts: 1,090 Major grins
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    Chiiled Dew



    T :D

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  • Annie222Annie222 Beginner Registered Users Posts: 69 Big grins
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    Chilly ? or thinking steamy thoughts ?

    Photo Info
    Date Modified2007-03-15 18:10:29Date Taken2007-03-14 08:42:18CameraNIKON CORPORATION NIKON D70sExposure Time0.0666s (1/15)Aperturef/4.0Focal Length70mm (105mm in 35mm)Photo Dimensions2526 x 1592File NameDSC_0042sepia.JPGFile Size3.00 MB
    Flashflash did not fire, compulsory flash modeExposure ProgramunknownExposure Bias0 EVLight SourceunknownSensing Methodone-chip color sensorColor SpacesRGB
  • pemmettpemmett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 507 Major grins
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    Camera Model Name : Canon EOS 30D
    Shooting Date/Time : 3/15/2007 22:38:38
    Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1.6Sec
    Av(Aperture Value) : F36
    Metering Modes : Evaluative metering
    Exposure Compensation: +1
    ISO Speed : 100
    Lens : EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
    Focal Length : 135.0 mm

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  • MaxThompsonMaxThompson Red Rider Registered Users Posts: 92 Big grins
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    Stellar Nursery

    Stellar Nursery


  • ZebethyalZebethyal Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
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    Chilled Can

    Close up of "sweat" on "serve over ice" detail on the side of a chilled can of Strongbow cider.

    Fuji S2 Pro, Nikon PB-6 Bellows 55mm extension, BR2 reversing ring, Nikon E Series 28mm reversed, BR3, SB-29s Ring Flash, SB-26 Speedlight (slave mode), camera tethered to PC, manual exposure, shutter triggered by Hyper Utility 2 software, ISO 100, 1/125s, f/22, both flashes on manual full power (3.83:1 reproduction ratio by measurement).

    EXIF embedded in image
  • redroninredronin Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
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    Steamy Forest
    The topic ready for your interpretation: Chilled or Steamy.

    An unusually warm, humid day creates massive fog banks in Ottawa.


    EXIF Info:
    Camera: Nikon D200 Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13) Aperture: f/11 Focal Length: 70 mm ISO Speed: 200 Exposure Bias: 0 EV
    Resolution Unit:
    Software: Ver.2.00 Date and Time: 2007:03:14 16:48:29 Exposure Program: Manual Date and Time (Original): 2007:03:14 16:48:29 Date and Time (Digitized): 2007:03:14 16:48:29 Maximum Lens Aperture: 3/1 Metering Mode: Pattern Sub-Second Time: 08 Sub-Second Time (Original): 08 Sub-Second Time (Digitized): 08 Sensing Method: One-chip colour area sensor Exposure Mode: Manual Digital Zoom Ratio: 1/1 Focal Length In 35mm Film: 105 Saturation: High saturation Sharpness: Hard Image Width: 800 pixels Image Height: 533 pixels

  • fashiznitsngrinsfashiznitsngrins Major grins Registered Users Posts: 220 Major grins
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    Steamy Friend
  • NikolaiNikolai Darth SLR Registered Users Posts: 19,035 Major grins
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    Steam of Light


    Date Taken: 2007-03-06 22:15:29
    Camera: Canon EOS 30D + EF-S 17-85 IS USM + 580EX
    Exposure Time: 1/100s
    Aperture: f/8.0
    ISO: 100
    Focal Length: 72mm
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  • NirNir Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,400 Major grins
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    diligence, in spite of the chill

    diligence, in spite of the chill

    Nir Alon

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  • clovisguyclovisguy Big grins Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins
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    Vitamin Chilled


  • VisualXpressionsVisualXpressions Major grins Registered Users Posts: 860 Major grins
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  • photohunter Registered Users Posts: 1,383 Major grins
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    Chilled: Close Up

    Date/time 3/16/2007 9:48:24 AM
    Model E-500
    Exposure time 1/2 s
    F-number 11
    Exposure program Aperture priority
    ISO speed ratings 100
    Focal length 50 mm (my little t-shirt shop) The Photo Section
  • JohnCJohnC Nikon D300 Shooter! Registered Users Posts: 222 Major grins
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    Camera used: Sony DSC-F828
    File Name: [URL="http://Dgrin_Contest000000001_1.JPG"]Dgrin_Contest000000001_1.JPG[/URL]
    File Size: 74kb
    Taken on: 2007/03/16 12:44:44 PM
    Modified on: 2007/03/18 1:21:00AM
    Shot in: JPEG
    Image Size: 645 x 600
    Focal Length: 19.4mm
    Exposure Mode: Programmed Auto
    Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
    Exposure time: 1/30 sec
    Aperture: F/2.2
    Exposure Comp.: 0 EV
    Flash: none

    Edited in Nikon Picture Project:
    File size shrunk to 74kb, resized, sharpened, D-lighting, with B&W picture effect.

    Coffee and Cinnamon rolls!

    Nikon D300 l Nikon SB-600 l Nikon MC-30 Remote l Nikon AF-S 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5G IF-ED l Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-D l Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM l Quantaray Pro U-100 backpack by Naneu Pro l Quantaray QSX 9500 Tripod by Sunpak
    Canon AE-1 Program l FD 28mm 1:2.8 l FD 50mm 1:1.8 l Sunpak Auto 821 Dedicated
  • LiquidAirLiquidAir Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,751 Major grins
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    On the rocks.

  • adrian_kadrian_k har de har har south of The RiverRegistered Users Posts: 557 Major grins
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    Steamed Ice
    Steamed Ice:

    Camera: Sony W1
    Date: 12th March 2007
    Exp: 1/60th @ f3.5
    ISO: 100
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  • photogmommaphotogmomma Enormous giggles Registered Users Posts: 1,644 Major grins
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    Cool swirls

    Click for EXIF
  • nikosnikos One Shot Wonder Registered Users Posts: 216 Major grins
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    The Street Lamp


  • windozewindoze a life long newbie Registered Users Posts: 2,830 Major grins
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    Chilled to the Bone
    “Chilled to the Bone“

    Date Taken - 2007-03-18 23:39:11
    Camera - Canon EOS 20D
    Exposure Time - 0.0015s (1/640) Aperture - f/8.0 ISO - 100 Focal Length - 19mm

  • mwaltersmwalters Major grins Registered Users Posts: 119 Major grins
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    Cool Tones

    Date Modified2007-03-17 18:34:18Date Taken2007-03-17 18:01:51CameraNIKON CORPORATION NIKON D100Exposure Time0.25s (1/4)Aperturef/22.0ISO640Focal Length70mm (105mm 35mm)Photo Dimensions2700 x 2033File NameCool Tones 1.jpgFile Size5.12 MB


  • DalantechDalantech No cropping zone... Registered Users Posts: 1,519 Major grins
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    Steamy for me...
    Ladybugs -but he doesn't seem to be treating her like a lady... :D


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  • quarkquark quarky grinner Registered Users Posts: 510 Major grins
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    Steamy situation.

    EXIF Here
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