WTB: Nikon 18-200 VR & sb600

GungnirGungnir Registered Users Posts: 4 Beginner grinner
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Im a photography student and looking to start building a portfolio for when I graduate in the next couple months, so Im looking for a nicer lense and a flash that works good with my Nikon. I don't mind buying Used, as im on a college budget (Yaya ramen dinners) aslong as the items work. I'm looking for the following:

Nikon 18-200 VRII lense
Nikon SB600 Flash
Any Kind of good but cheap lighting kit
White / Black Muslin Bakdrop atleast 10' X 15'

Thanks for reading. If you have any of these please e-mail me at Webmaster@gungnirstudios.com


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    kreskres Registered Users Posts: 268 Major grins
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    Good luck finding that 18-200VR used... it's a hot ticket. The new batch hitting stores now are marked up to $900-$1000 to refelct the demand. On the used market I was only able to find them about $50 under retail. It might be worth just buying new.

    (I've been searching for about 4 mo's myself.)
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    redsvtredsvt Registered Users Posts: 11 Big grins
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    Kres-I have a 18-200 AFS VR I have used it three times. Comes with box, lens hood, caps, blank warranty. It is USA. I will sell it for $800. Let me know. I bought a 12-24 and 17-55, never use the 18-200. Need to pay for the other stuff.
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