Last Photographer Standing #2 (Stately or Humble) - Entry thread

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Last Photographer Standing Contest Qualifying Round #2

The Dgrin Last Photographer Contest is well under way now, after a successful first round! This is Contest #2, a qualifying round. This round is open to any dgrin member! It will run from Monday, March 19th 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5) to Monday, April 2nd 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5)

The topic ready for your interpretation: Stately or Humble.

Shay says:
In your minds eye, when you think of "stately", what images come into view? Perhaps the word "humble" sparks more possibilities for you. Find the theme that moves you the most emotionally and see where it takes you. Just remember, there are other photographers out there working on the opposite theme hoping to take your spot as a semifinalist, so your work has to visually stand up to some heavy competition, make it your best!

The dual theme is designed to spark interesting visual contrast in the challenge entries. The viewers should be treated to an exciting and non-predictable viewing experience. It should also serve to stimulate and inspire other photographers to enter the contest. What we are going for is nothing short of visual overload! So make it your best!
This thread, is the one into which you post your entry. Remember, 1 entry per person, and the photo must be fresh, taken during this contest period. Entries must have exif embedded or appended. Click here and here for help. Photos entered without proper exif showing a clear shot date will be disqualified.

***EVERYONE: many people are not linking to exif, please, it's so easy! There is no excuse for any SmugMug hosted image entry not having a simple link to exif. Here's the simple simple version of how:

Use this generic url to get exif for ANY of your images, where YOU replace the part in {brackets}:

http://{username}{image ID number}

*Image ID number is just the SmugMug number, not the -L or -M, or any size suffix. For example:

Thank you :thumb

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  • Shay StephensShay Stephens Artist in Residence Registered Users Posts: 3,165 Major grins
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    Meet the judges
    We again have the distinct privilege of having a panel of judges with a wide range of talent for our next qualifying round.

    Yuri Pautov:
    An accomplished photographer probably best known for his engaging portraits and stunning headshots. Yuri really brings to life the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

    Prepare for bold colors and unexpected compositions that make you wonder if you are crawling or flying like a bird. His work shows an inspirational ability to show the world dramatically in every shot.

    digital faerie:
    Her gift to find and draw out fantasy in photography yields some amazing pieces of art that would not be out of place as movie backgrounds or gracing the covers of art books.

    Angelo's work first strikes you with its bold graphic design feel with themes of shapes, textures, and colors. Visual balance draws the eye and has a way of keeping it there.

    Our contest and challenges moderator and all around contest director. You know him, you love him, what would life be like without him :-)

    Shay Stephens:
    I will be be judging as well.

    I invite you all to explore their websites or posts. They will be on the panel of judges that selects the top ten photos for this first qualifying round.
    Creator of Dgrin's "Last Photographer Standing" contest
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    Humble Abode
    Camera Model Name : Canon PowerShot A430
    Shooting Date/Time : 3/19/2007 13:5:05
    Tv(Shutter Speed) : .002 (1/640) Sec
    Av(Aperture Value) : f/5.6
    Metering Mode : Matrix
    ISO Speed : 64
    Focal Length : 5.4 mm
    35 mm Equivalent: 56 mm
    Please feel free to retouch and repost my images. Critique, Suggestions, and Technique tips always welcomed. Thanks for your interest.
  • bgaras2001bgaras2001 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 24 Big grins
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    natures energy will keep us humble
    Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTExposure:1/4000 secAperture:f/9.5Focal Length:70 mmI
    ISO Speed:800Exposure Bias:0/2 EVFlash:Flash did not fire
    Orientation:Horizontal (normal)X-Resolution:72 dpiY-Resolution:72 dpiSoftware:Adobe Photoshop CS WindowsDate and Time:2007:03:19 14:21:53White Point Chromaticity:313/1000, 329/1000Primary Chromaticities:64/100, 33/100, 21/100, 71/100, 15/100, 6/100YCbCr Coefficients:299/1000, 587/1000, 114/1000YCbCr Positioning:Co-SitedExposure Program:ManualDate and Time (Original):2007:03:19 03:42:25Date and Time (Digitized):2007:03:19 03:42:25Shutter Speed:784190/65536Metering Mode:PartialColor Space:UncalibratedFocal Plane X-Resolution:3954.233 dpiFocal Plane Y-Resolution:3958.763 dpiExposure Mode:ManualWhite Balance:ManualTag::EXIF::0xA500:22/10Compression:JPEGXMP Date and Time (Original):2007-03-19T03:42:25-05:00Image Width:700 pixelsImage Height:403 pixels
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  • DalantechDalantech No cropping zone... Registered Users Posts: 1,519 Major grins
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    Hoverfly on a Daisy
    A humble insect feeding on one of the most common, and humble, flowers -a daisy...


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    "The cure for everything is salt water--sweat, tears, or the sea."

    -Isak Dinesen
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    goin' the speed limit (or less)-

  • vandanavandana Major grins Registered Users Posts: 373 Major grins
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    "Blessed are the humble, for they shall inherit the earth"


  • lynnesitelynnesite Horses of Courses Registered Users Posts: 747 Major grins
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  • saurorasaurora Major grins Registered Users Posts: 4,320 Major grins
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    Stately Sentinel

  • PovertybarnPovertybarn Voted off Dgrin Island Registered Users Posts: 48 Big grins
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    "Humble Aspirations"
    "Humble Aspirations"



    Exif Info:

    Date Taken: 3/21/2007
    Camera: EOS 30D
    F-Stop: f/3.5
    Exposure time: 1/40 sec.
    ISO Speed: ISO-1600
    Focal Length: 22mm
    Program Mode: Aperture priority
  • pemmettpemmett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 507 Major grins
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    Humbled Man, Stately Lady

    Date Taken: 3/19/2007
    Camera: EOS 30D
    F-Stop: f/14
    Exposure time: 1/125 sec.
    ISO Speed: ISO-100
    Focal Length: 38mm
    Program Mode: Aperture priority
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  • ElaineElaine Major grins Registered Users Posts: 3,532 Major grins
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    humble weed


    Comments and constructive critique always welcome!

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  • davevdavev Getting older by the day Registered Users Posts: 3,116 Major grins
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    Title: Capital
    Date: 03-22-2007
    Camera: Canon XTi
    Lens: Canon 28-300is with polarizer


    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
  • explorishexplorish begrinner Registered Users Posts: 135 Major grins
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    humbled spring
    date taken: March 23, 2007
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  • amitdaveamitdave Banned User Banned Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
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    Entry to LPS-2 " Stately-King of the jungle"
    King of the jungle
    date: 22.03.07
    shutter speed: 1/250sec
    Aperture: f/5.6
    canon eos 350D, sigma 170-500 @ 300mm

  • evorywareevoryware Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,330 Major grins
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    Ever Impressive Empire State Building, NYC


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  • EquiessenceEquiessence Big grins Registered Users Posts: 21 Big grins
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    Bullmastiff - a humble dog but stately guardian


    Kathryn Burke @
  • kingmamaof2kingmamaof2 Major grins Registered Users Posts: 195 Major grins
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    The humbleness of a child
    Protecting a young rabbit that had wondered from its nest nearby.

  • ZanottiZanotti Improving Daily Registered Users Posts: 1,410 Major grins
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    Humble Gifts

    Taken today in Greenwood, SC....

    Date Modified2007-03-23 21:27:33Date Taken2007-03-23 08:07:21CameraCanon EOS 30DExposure Time0.0062s (1/160)Aperturef/8.0ISO200Focal Length28mm (guess: 33mm in 35mm)Photo Dimensions3141 x 2094File Namehumble gifts.jpgFile Size2.80 MB
    Flashflash did not fire, compulsory flash modeExposure Programnormal programExposure Bias0 EVExposure ModeautoWhite BalanceautoColor SpacesRGB
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  • Gina QuartermaineGina Quartermaine Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
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    A Humble Farm House

    by Gina Quartermaine

    Casio QV-3000ex

  • rddphotosrddphotos Always Shooting Registered Users Posts: 31 Big grins
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    Stately - Mountains and Sky

    EXIF Info

    Canon 30D
    Date Taken 3-20-07
    Time Taken 8:21 am
    Focal Length 28mm
    Exposure F22 @ 1/80, 1/20, 1/5 (HDR Image)
    ISO 100

    EXIF can be verified by RAW file if needed (this was an HDR shoot)
  • mbzmbz Major grins Registered Users Posts: 230 Major grins
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    Stately Golden Gate Bridge is reflected in Humble soap bubble
    Taken 03/23/07
    Canon XTI, 28 mm, ISO 400,
  • NirNir Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,400 Major grins
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    humilis ientaculum
    humilis ientaculum



    Nir Alon

    images of my thoughts
  • photogmommaphotogmomma Enormous giggles Registered Users Posts: 1,644 Major grins
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    The transformed chapel
    (Click photo for exif)
  • artistpartistp Not Dakariste Registered Users Posts: 18 Big grins
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    'Oh dear...' Humble doe and Black Crowned Night Heron

    Shooting Date/Time
    3/21/2007 15:59:03
    Tv(Shutter Speed)
    Av(Aperture Value)
    Exposure Compensation
    ISO Speed
    Sigma 50-500
    Focal Length
    500.0 mm
    Image size
    800 x 533
  • NikolaiNikolai Darth SLR Registered Users Posts: 19,035 Major grins
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    Humble Beginning
    Humble Beginning


    Date Taken: 2007-03-24 08:50:37
    Camera: Canon EOS 30D + EF-S 10-22
    Exposure Time: 1/320s
    Aperture: f/3.5
    ISO: 400
    Focal Length: 10mm
    Photo Dimensions: 533 x 800
    File Size: 122.40 KB
    "May the f/stop be with you!"
  • DRabbitDRabbit Artsy-Fartsy Type Registered Users Posts: 181 Major grins
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    A Tale of Two Cities


    Manufacturer: Canon
    Camera: Canon EOS 5D
    Firmware: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
    Date: 24.03.2007 09:28:15
    Aperture: f 9.0
    ISO: 250
    Shutter speed: 1/1250 s
    EV ±0,00 EV
    Program: A - Aperture-priority auto
    Metering mode: Unknown
    Flash: Not fired, Compulsory flash light
    Zoom: 60.0 mm Real
    Resolution: 800 x 419 Pixel
    Picture density: 6 x 6 dpi
    File size: 237708 Bytes
    Flash:: Not fired, Compulsory flash light
    Orientation: 0° / Z:Top S:left
    Date last Modification: 30.03.2007 23:51:06
    YCbCr Positioning: Zero point
    EXIF Version: V 2.21
    Date Digitized: 24.03.2007 09:28:15
    FlashPix Version: V 1.00
    CCD Resolution: 3087 x 3091 dpi
    Custom rendered: Normal process
    Exposure mode I: Auto exposure
    White balance I: Auto white balance
    Scene capture type: Standard
    Amy :D
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