FS: Photoshop Masking & Compositing (book)

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I got two books by the renown retoucher Katrin Eismann for sale.

Photoshop: Masking & Compositing
Photoshop: Restoration & Retouching.

I purchased both books new from Amazon Dec 2006. They lived on my shelf all this time: I was busy with Dan's book and other things.

Finally I read them both. Each one's a great book for those who's unfamiliar with the subject and wishes to advance to the next level quickly. Each covers a lot of basic material at first, thus helping a beginner to feel comfortable as s/he climbs to more advanced tasks.

Both copies are in Like New condition, with a very (*very* :deal ) minor scuff marks on the bottom of the cover. You can easily get as much from a high-traffic bookstore.

Amazon quotes $32..$34 for each of these books new.

I'll sell each for $25 paypaled and shipped.
Or you can get both of them for $45 paypalled and shipped. :clap

Yes, that's no paypal fees and free USPS ground shipping ConUS.
I can also ship globally or expedite the shipping if needed, but that's your call and your $.
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    Now you can get both books in one package! mwink.gif
    "May the f/stop be with you!"
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