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I recently shot these for another challenge. They're ok, but I'm wondering how I might improve them. I don't have any photographic lighting equipment so I had to improvise with desk lamps, clamp lights, flash lights, etc.

ISO 64, f/8.0, 1.6s, no flash

For this one I had a halogen desk lamp to the right side, slightly forward and above the subject. I had a smaller lamp to fill the left side.

ISO 64, f/3.5, 10/13s, no flash
For this one i set up the halogen lamp above the shoebox. I used a piece of cardboard with a hole cut out to give it a spotlight effect.

Any suggestions on how I might improve these? I think the first photo might be a little too evenly lit. Perhaps more contrast between the left and right.

I found that I really like doing still lifes, and I plan to do a lot more. Is it worth buying lighting equipment? If so, what type of equipment would you recommend? Any good sources on lighting techniques?


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