Last Photographer Standing #3 (Irregular or Picturesque) - Entry thread

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Last Photographer Standing Contest Qualifying Round #3

Welcome to Contest #3, a qualifying round. This round is open to any dgrin member! It will run from Monday, April 2nd 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5) to Monday, April 16th 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5)

The topic ready for your interpretation: Irregular or Picturesque.

Shay says:
For this qualifying round what I would like to see everyone do is to title your photo without using the word "irregular" or "picturesque" anywhere in your title. Rely on the photo to bring the theme to life, not the title. If you rely too heavily on the title to make the photos case, you are doing it wrong ;-)

So when choosing the theme, look up in the dictionary "irregular" and look up "picturesque" to see if any of the definitions spark an inspiration. Go out and shoot to that inspiration, and then see if you can work it deeper, work around it, or even redefine it.

And my recommendation is also to avoid using both theme elements in your photo. Unless you have a smashing great idea, using both themes generally tends to dilute your photos message. So pick one or the other for maximum impact...that is unless you have something really awesome that just has to use both.
This thread, is the one into which you post your entry. Remember, 1 entry per person, and the photo must be fresh, taken during this contest period. Entries must have exif embedded or appended. Click here and here for help. Photos entered without proper exif showing a clear shot date will be disqualified.

More info... 132527849-O.gif 132527892-O.gif 132556915-O.gif
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    Meet the judges
    We are pleased to have a panel of judges with a wide range of talent for our next qualifying round.

    Action, feeling, and character are words I think of when viewing Nir's work. It is wide ranging and at times documentary of the human condition.

    I have never seen a more talented photographer who could shoot a photo of a horse that has the same depth and intensity as if it were a portrait of a person.

    Michiel de Brieder:
    Well traveled and with an eye for the whimsical Michiel can capture the rare glimpses of personality from the people and places he shoots.

    Andy Williams:
    Andy's work is luminous, colorful, and intimate. They say photography is painting with light, and Andy's work proves that with a strong sense of light suffusing his images.

    Shay Stephens:
    I will be be judging as well.

    I invite you all to explore their websites or posts. They will be on the panel of judges that selects the top ten photos for this first qualifying round.
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    all shook up
    how many irregularities can you see ?????

    Camera:Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTExposure:0.004 sec (1/250)Aperture:f/11Focal Length:24 mmISO Speed:100Exposure Bias:0/2 EVFlash:Flash did not fire
    Orientation:Horizontal (normal)X-Resolution:72 dpiY-Resolution:72 dpiSoftware:Adobe Photoshop CS WindowsDate and Time:2007:04:03 14:37:32White Point Chromaticity:313/1000, 329/1000Primary Chromaticities:64/100, 33/100, 21/100, 71/100, 15/100, 6/100YCbCr Coefficients:299/1000, 587/1000, 114/1000YCbCr Positioning:Co-SitedExposure Program:ManualDate and Time (Original):2007:04:04 03:29:26Date and Time (Digitized):2007:04:04 03:29:26Shutter Speed:522046/65536Metering Mode:PartialColor Space:UncalibratedFocal Plane X-Resolution:3954.233 dpiFocal Plane Y-Resolution:3958.763 dpiExposure Mode:ManualTag::EXIF::0xA500:22/10Compression:JPEGXMP Date and Time (Original):2007-04-04T03:29:26-05:00Image Width:800 pixelsImage Height:533 pixels
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    Pen-ee S

  • ChrisJChrisJ Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,162 Major grins
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    EXIF Link
  • TentacionTentacion Click On ! Registered Users Posts: 940 Major grins
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    Security Blanket

    Image Description=OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    Exposure Time=1/80 sec
    Exposure Program=Creative(slow)
    ISOSpeed Ratings=400
    Date Time Original=2007:04:02 20:35:53
    Exposure Bias Value=0/10
    Max Aperture Value=F3.6
    Metering Mode=MultiSegment
    Light Source=Unknown
    Flash=Off, auto mode
    Focal Length=45.00 mm
    Exposure Mode=Auto
    White Balance=Manual
    Digital Zoom Ratio=100/100
    Scene Capture Type=Standard
    Gain Control=High gain up
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    Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs
    "teetering travels"


    Click image for EXIF info
  • rddphotosrddphotos Always Shooting Registered Users Posts: 31 Big grins
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    Irregular - Bubbles in Bubbles, Sunset Reflection

    No Photoshop here. Yes, that's 3 bubbles in another bubble that's about the size of a basketball.

    Had fun with my little 3yo boy, with his new buble machine yesterday.
    costco has this bubble machine on sale for $17, so if you have any little one's, you will have a blast.

    EXIF location
  • thebigskythebigsky Cloudbusting SE EnglandRegistered Users Posts: 1,052 Major grins
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    Fields of Gold
    Picturesque - Fields of Gold


    Picture links to EXIF.

  • Aaron BernardAaron Bernard Major grins Registered Users Posts: 169 Major grins
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    Way Away

    April 2nd 2007
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  • sanford tullissanford tullis Big grins Registered Users Posts: 63 Big grins
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    Mama's biggest fear public water fountains

    Date taken- 2007-04-03 06:15:09 PM
    Camera- Canon EOS Rebel Xt
    Exposure Time- 1/200
    Aperture f/7.1
    ISO- 400
    Focal Length- 135mm
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  • Tessa HDTessa HD Major grins Registered Users Posts: 852 Major grins
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    Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge
    click for exif
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    Old Grain Silo

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    From Nikon D70s > Nikon D300s & D700
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    Snoqualmie Railway
  • Ken LappKen Lapp Major grins Registered Users Posts: 123 Major grins
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    One of a Kind


    Date Taken 2007-04-03 11:52:55
    Camera NIKON D70s
    Exposure Time 0.0008s (1/1250)
    Aperture f/6.3
    ISO 200
    Focal Length 90mm (135mm 35mm)
    Photo Dimensions 3008 x 2000
    File Name WHP_-1041.jpg
    File Size 1.19 MB
    Flashflash did not fire
    Exposure Program aperture priority
    Exposure Bias -4/6 EV
    Exposure Mode auto
    Light Source fine weather
    White Balance manual
    Digital Zoom Ratio 1/1
    Contrast 2
    Ken Lapp, White Hawk Images
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  • ysabininysabinin Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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    EXIF embedded, but here it is for convenience:

    Camera: K100D Ver 1.02
    Lens: smc PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL
    Date Taken: 2007-04-06 17:17:18 GMT-07:00
    Exposure Time: 1/60sec
    F-Stop: 4.5
    ISO: 200
    Focal Length: 40mm
    Flash: Fired
    Author: Yury Sabinin
    Copyright: Yury Sabinin
    Raw File Name: IMGP6945.PEF
    WhiteBalance: As Shot
    Temperature: 4900
    Tint: +1
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    "Beam me up, Scottie!"
    Irregular - A deviation from the norm, a Levitating rock


  • Speck26Speck26 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins
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    EXIF Info:
    Make: Canon
    Model: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
    Date Time: 2007-04-02T21:45:45-07:00
    Shutter Speed: 2.0 sec
    Exposure Program: Manual
    F-Stop: f/16.0
    Aperture Value: f/16
    Max Aperture Value: f/2.8
    ISO Speed Ratings: 100
    Focal Length: 30.0 mm
    Lens: 24.0-70.0mm
    Flash: Did not fire
    Metering Mode: Pattern

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    Linens from the Outlet
    Taken 4.4.07


    Canon 5D MkI
    50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 24-70 2.8L, 35mm 1.4L, 135mm f2L
    ST-E2 Transmitter + (3) 580 EXII + radio poppers
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    Frosted Falls

    File Name
    Camera Model
    Shooting Date/Time
    4/6/2007 2:16:27 PM
    Shooting Mode
    Aperture-Priority AE
    Tv( Shutter Speed )
    Av( Aperture Value )
    Metering Mode
    Evaluative Metering
    Exposure Compensation
    ISO Speed
    100.0 - 400.0mm
    Focal Length
    (original RAW file available if necessary for exif verification)
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    Lps #3
    "Down On The Farm, Smoky Mountain NP"


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    Broken Pattern


    Challenge 26 Winner "In Your House" :deal
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    T :D

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    Foggy favorite of the photographers - Heceta Head Lighthouse.


    heather dillon photography - Pacific Northwest Portraits and Places

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