Steel Bridge

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Finally got out to take some pictures today. My main focus today were the small bridges of Johnstown. Most are of the steel latice work bridges. I have to try and touch up a few of my stone arch bridge. I'll be posting those later this week.

I'm not sure about the composition here. I was trying to get the yellow anchors in the picutre. I'm not even sure what those are to used for in this particular location.

This is my first blended exposure picture. Not sure if it came out right :scratch, let me know what you think! Plus I need to clone out the pidgeons flying in the picture.

This one I was playing around and tilting the camera at an odd angle. Not sure if it really works. When I first looked at it, I thought it needed to be rotated. Then I remembered how I took the shot :rofl

I really liked the color of the down-supports here. The reflecting light off the pavement and sidewalk changed their colors.

Still not sure what to think of this one though. Don't think it really works.

Let me know what you guys think. I really like the fourth pic the most out of these.

Thanks for looking :thumb
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    I like the third one the best.
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    I like the "up shot"...very interesting. I like doing upshots too.

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    Cool shots
    I like the last one best
    Thats a cool brick building in the background
    Would like to see somemore shots of that(I kinda got a thing for bricks)mwink.gif

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