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A short while back I made a posting asking for advice as to where to send my Siggy 70-210 into for servicing, it sounded as if it need cleaning and lubeing, and I was right....I got very few replies and then was only told to send it back to the manufacturer....

I had already contacted SIGMA about an estimate and the receptionist said no one would even attempt an estimate with out having the lens in hand, also it would be about a month I would probably have to wait to find out what the servicing would cost. This wait time included Ground UPS'ing from KS to Ny......I begged her to transfer my call to technical and she refused.....I really like Siggy lenses but that chaffed my to no end.....

I did a GOOGLE and a search in SHUTTERBUG found a few (around 5)....I emailed them all and got ONE REPLY back..... it was from a small town, HESSTON KS, just about 45 miles north of Wichita.........In my inquiry letter I gave as good a description as I possibly could of what was happening with my lens and I recieved a BALLPARK type of estimate.
I waited about 1 more week and when no other repair company responded I decided to go with PHO-TECH SERVICE CENTER.

He did a superb job on my lens is so quiet now it is amazing :clap:clap and seems to function better than before if I can just find time to shoot with it as these 12 hour days are tough to find the time to shoot:wink .

I went to Hesston to pick up my lens and I wanted to meet Bernie and see his work enviroment. I was impressed as it was a very neat and clean work area and Bernie is very personable and friendly.

If you are in need of lens or camera service I highly recommend Bernie and Pho-Tech:thumb:thumb:thumb:bow:bow:bow......He is also an AUTHORIZED NIKON WARRANTY Service Center

For what it is worth.....I still have not recieved any responses to that intial inquiry.
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    Thanks for the info! My 18-70mm lens isn't acting right and it's gonna need to go to the lens doctor... I'm gonna contact them!

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