Last Photographer Standing #5 (Translucent or Silhouette) - Entry thread

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Last Photographer Standing Contest Qualifying Round #5

Welcome to Contest #5, a qualifying round. This round is open to any dgrin member! It will run from Monday, April 30th 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5) to Monday, May 14th 00:01 (12:01am), NYC time (GMT -5)

The topic ready for your interpretation: Translucent or Silhouette.

Shay says:
Remember to log in periodically if you wish to be eligible to be a guest judge. I send invitations via PM, and you can't get a PM if you are not logged in.

This is the last qualifying round open to everyone before we have our first semifinal. The coming semifinal will only be open to the previous qualifiers. So put your best effort into this qualifying round.

I would like to compliment everyone on the great work in coming up with unique titles that don't include the theme words, keep it up. What I would like to see entrants work on next is adjusting the levels of the photo entered. Does it look a little dark? Is it lacking in contrast? Brighten it up a bit, play with it, at least so that you know the photo is as bright as you want it. Using levels or curves or whatever works for you, crank the white point (brightness) up and down until you find the point that looks best to you. Now do the same with the black point. Not only will it potentially make the photo look better, it will give you an idea of where you can take the photo artistically. Can the brightness or darkness of the photo change the meaning, does it enhance it, or detract from it? You won't know until you try!

For those unfamiliar with editing the levels of a photo, this tutorial is very good:
This thread, is the one into which you post your entry. Remember, 1 entry per person, and the photo must be fresh, taken during this contest period. Entries must have exif embedded or appended. Click here and here for help. Photos entered without proper exif showing a clear shot date will be disqualified.

More info... 132527849-O.gif 132527892-O.gif 132556915-O.gif
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