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    Hey George....

    Well, the colors and textures are nice. But, the overall image doesn't do much for me. The hand, while interesting with its additional member, does not evoke any real feeling.

    It took me a minute to figure out why I thought it looked different. I keep focusing in on the smallest finger on the right and thinking "wow, that's a small finger, I wonder why?" Then I realized the total count.

    Maybe this image would work more if the hand was doing something besides laying flat.

    Just my $0.0002.
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    Interesting, it's actually kind of scary at the same time. I too had to count, something didn't seems right :D
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    gefillmore wrote:

    You know when you look at the image first off it's very plane and I thought I wonder why he posted that headscratch.gif

    Then I thought maybe its got to do with what the hand is on ?
    or what's in the background maybe ?

    Finally the penny drops eek7.gif and I think hello, hello, hello, there's more than 5 fingers on that hand and yet it really doesn't look out of place :D

    How annoying if you wanna buy a pair of gloves :D .

    Thanks for sharing ..... Skippy
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