Question about a Fuji S5000

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I have just received a new Fuji S5000. I have set the camera count to Cont, but it keeps starting counting from 001 after I download and delete my photo's.
Any help would be appreciated, I would prefer to keep a record of how many photo's I have taken.



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    Quenda, welcome to the site! Great to have you here.

    Sounds like you have the option of setting the counter. Here's what one review site says:
    In addition to that menu, there's also a setup menu, with the following options:

    * Image display (On, off, preview) - post-shot review; preview will confirm that you want to save each photo to memory
    * Power save (2, 5 mins, off) - turn off camera automatically after a few minutes
    * Format card
    * Beep (Off, 1-3) - volume level
    * Shutter (Off, 1-3) - volume level
    * Date/time (set)
    * Frame number (Continuous, renew)
    * USB mode (DSC, PC-Cam) - the latter option lets you use the S5000 as a webcam for videoconferencing; Windows only.
    * CCD-RAW (on/off) - take shots in 6M/RAW mode
    * Language (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese [I think])
    * Video system (NTSC, PAL)
    * Discharge - unusual option for discharging NiMH batteries
    * Reset - settings to defaults

    Have you already tried changing the setting in your setup menu? Here's the link to where I found that tidbit.
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    I looked at the manual for the S5000, and holy's one of the worst manuals I've seen in a long time. Even worse than Nikon :)

    Here's the pertinent section (page 76). The default is cont. and the feature seems to work consistent with other cameras. The file numbering is tracked on the xD card and should not be affected by deletion or download. Are you formatting the card or using a second card?
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