WTT: (Maybe) D50 Kit for 18-200VR +$$

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I own a Nikon D50 w/18-55mm and I just received my Nikon D40 kit yesterday. In the shooting I've done with it the last 2 days, I'm thinking that a better setup would be to just stick with the D40 exclusively and get the highly-coveted Nikon 18-200VR lens (yes, the "oh baby!" lens).

Yes I know about the AF-S only issue, but I've really enjoyed the D40 and with the 18-200VR and the 18-55 the D40 came with (and manual focusing with the 50mm f/1.8 I have, which I don't use often and never in "quick-pased" situations) I think I'd be good to go. (Hopefully later Nikon will have a reasonably-priced 50mm f/1.8 AF-S lens.)

Therefore, I am CONSIDERING trading my Nikon D50 and the 18-55mm lens for an 18-200VR (plus cash). I would be open to selling the D50 and 18-55mm lens (plus extra generic EN-EL3 battery)as a kitfor $500 shipped, and then using that money to upgrade to the 18-200VR.

Again, this is something I am considering doing, it largely depends on me finding a good deal on the 18-200VR to where there wouldn't be so large of an "upgrade gap" involved. (I know, long shot, given how hugely popular the 18-200VR lens is.) Also depends on my sentimental value of the D50, I have really enjoyed this camera (I've owned it since Sept 2005) and its autofocus compatibility with AF-D lenses (and Sigmas, Tamrons, etc) is a huge asset.

For the record, the D50 has about 6,000 shutter clicks and the body is in 100% perfect condition. No nicks, bumps, scrapes, abrasions--diddly. The glass on the 18-55mm kit lens is perfect and has had a 52mm UV filter from day 1. I also have the original box and a spare generic EN-EL3 battery. Some items in the box, such as the strap, have never been opened (I bought a used strap at the camera store and used that so the original could stay "fresh").

Once again, this is something I am considering doing, much depends on how good of a deal I can find on the 18-200VR (again, I realize it's a long shot given that lens' enormous popularity).

Email address is [email protected].

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