FS: Nikon 15/3.5 AIS Rectilinear

GarethGareth Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins
edited June 29, 2007 in Nikon Land
A "cheap" alternative to the Canon 14mm I guess. I bought this but never really used it so it's been sat around for about 18 months. Went from a crop camera (20D) to a 5D and then to an M8 so I'll never use it now.

I have the rear filters, the metal lens cap and I may even have the box as well. Glas is good everywhre but there is some brassing around the hood where the lens cap slides on.

Read the review below to see what the lens can do, great for wide angle shooters which I am, just not that side I guess.

$620 US, I'll eat Paypal fees and insured shipping.

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