VENDOR: Life Shade(tm) - Fine Art & Photographic Lampshades

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VENDOR: Life Shade™ - Fine Art & Photographic Lampshades

Introducing a new & unique medium for framing photography and other digitized images. Utilizing a Duratrans-like material, we produce giclée prints then assemble them into stunning lampshades – with the light off, Life Shade™ is a fine print – turn the light on and the results are beautiful!

Please visit www.lifeshade.com for more information.

We currently offer 5 shade sizes to fit most situations. Our offer to Dgrin members is a limited, one-time discount off of the list price. For example, to personalize our 8” square shade, model S8, the cost is $79 plus a one-time $30 layout fee. For dgrinners, we will charge a flat $55 for the model S8 (that includes everything for printing and making the shade), if you do your own layout using our Photoshop template. In exchange, we would like your feedback on using the template, helpful suggestions for marketing to professional and amateur photographers, and your satisfaction with the end result.

Other lampshade models can be viewed at www.lifeshade.com/questions and click on “lampshade-styles.jpg” link. We offer lamp bases, too. Click on “lampshade-bases.jpg” on the Questions page.

Our end game is to open up marketing Life Shade™ to Professional Photographers and Studios nation-wide so we are definitely interested in constructive feedback.

How to start? First, contact our office by phone (540-661-3434) or email to request an order form. We’ll walk you through the rest with template instructions, pricing guides, and a template for the size lampshade you want made. Also, we are always happy to assist in using the template and to answer any questions if you call us.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery – we’re working on adding ecommerce to our website but can process your order via paypal or by credit card.

PS – we will have the order form web enable by mid-July and an online shopping cart soon afterwards.
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