Nikkor VR 18-200 at B&H

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Nikon Zoom Super Wide Angle-Telephoto AF Zoom Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR II Autofocus Lens
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    After waiting more than a year I got mine last week clap.gif

    EDIT: Just so I'm clear on this, I didn't actually order the lens a year ago from B&H and just now receive it. rolleyes1.gif The "...waiting more than a year" had to do with the fact that Nikon was way back ordered on this lens and no one had it in stock and I have been looking for this lens everywhere for over a year and just now got notice that it was available at B&H. :D

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    These are long gone, post serves no purpose now...needs title change or something.
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    Wow, I found one in stock when I bought my Fuji S5 a couple of months ago. I, ehem, paid a premium.

    I took it to Africa and it served me very well. Sample pics later. One lens to rule them all.
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