Need bag to fix my canera & Lens

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I looked at Best Buy and found a camera bag specfic for my Canon EOS Rebel. It looks like it will hold the camera and the 75-300 lens I have. But they want $80.00 for it, plus it comes with an extra battery and lens I don't need. Can anyone recommend a bag that will fit my stuff, that isn't way to big and expensive?


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    Are you referring to this?

    Canon Digital Rebel Accessory Kit 3055A021

    Pack away your worries in this padded gadget bag, well supplied for your Canon Digital Rebel camera.

    Compact, padded carrying case

    Battery pack (BP-511) provides long-life, rechargeable battery power

    58mm haze filter protects lens from abrasions, dust and moisture; provides warming effect to counter "cool" colors

    That's actually not a terrible deal, considering the battery is going to cost you $50 by itself (you really should have a spare battery).

    Personally, I like Lowepro gadget bags. Best Buy carries them.
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    fish wrote:
    Personally, I like Lowepro gadget bags. Best Buy carries them.
    Which one ya got? Does it hold all your stuff?

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