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I get PMs from time to time asking for information about the EOS system flash usage - In order to be complete and not mis-lead answers tend to be long. So I am assembling a list of links here for those interested in more information about using Canon and OEM flash systems.

One can start by using SEARCH here on dgrin, or on Google, with the search term followed by :dgrin.com - which will limit Google's search to www.dgrin.com only.

The single best source on the web for ESO System strobe information is here - not real short, but thorough, and understandable in three easy links




The BEST source for off camera non-EOM flash use is here.


I highly rec both of these websites as they really do a great job of explaining and enabling a neophyte to really begin to use flash very effectively. The Strobist full kit costs less than an EOS 430ex too.

One device I never travel without ( Note that the 7D has an IR controller within the built in flash, so I no longer have to carry an ST-E2 with me, as it is in my 7D.) , is an IR trigger for Canon system flashes called the ST-E2. It enables off camera flash with full ETTL control which I find very useful for the capture of candids with people moving around in an uncontrolled and not predictable manner - in other words I cannot control their flash to subject distance. (If you can control the flash to subject system a non-OEM manual flash will work just fine as the exposure never changes if the flash to subject distance is fixed.)

I wrote about the ST-E2 here

Antonio Correia wrote about Fill flash here

A few more comments about on camera flash here

and here another discussion of using flash on a Canon camera

The Canon off camera ETTL cable is useful, but too short and limiting. The biggest use I make of the off camera cord is for a flash on a flash bracket mounted on the camera, OR to point an ST-E2 directly at an off camera flash behind the camera on a light stand.

Blue Crane Digital makes a DVD available at B&H entitled "Understanding the Canon Speedlite 580ex/430ex" It is very informative and helpful.

An Exposure Table for the 430ex

I am asking readers to post links that they have found helpful with regard to flash usage as well.
If Nikon users want to add links for Nikon users here as well I will later pull them out into their own thread.
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