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How does smugmug decide which gallery within a category or subcategory to use for the photo icon in the user's homepage, or his category pages? Can I manipulate this? How?
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    Umm.. figured this might be the best place to say hello.. besides, it's pertinent to my avatar. I just gotta use it!

    I'm hoping that this place has folks who don't mind rather noob questions.. in return I will answer as many of your fishy/reef/saltwater questions as I can. I definitely like the layout of this place.

    Let's see if the upload of my little av worked!

    Oh yeah.. I just spent many frivolous dollars (after having saved for a few months and foregoing many gifts on holidays to afford) on my first decent digital camera, an Olympus C-740UZ. Now, in order to to ensure the money spent isn't so frivolous (and to give me best excuse to spend more unnecessary dollars on nifty accessories, thusly helping to drive the economy) I figure I really ought learn to use the damned thing.. oohh.. can I say that? I guess I'll figure that out right quick, won't I?

    Hee! Nevermind, even though I got a pesky error message my av works just fine.
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