*** Flea Market Guidelines - PLEASE READ! ***

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Flea Market Guidelines:
Last updated: 9 June 2011, by DoctorIt
  • The Dgrin Flea Market is open to anyone! You can browse all you want, to make posts, all you have to do is become a Dgrin member, which is free!
  • The flea market is open to all photographic equipment and "peripherals" and also (new for Feb 2009) photographic services. We have 5 sub-forums to make this easier:

    House of Canon - all Canon cameras, lenses, speedlites
    Nikon Land - same as above, but for Nikon/Nikon-compatible gear
    The Other Guys - all other cameras/lenses (Olympus, Sony, etc)
    The Kitchen Sink - everything else, computers, memory, lighting, bags, your cat... (no, please not the cat!)
    For Hire
    - Offering or looking for photo services? (photography, design, editing...)
  • In the main forum, some highlights:

    * The Positive Feedback thread - share the love, leave a good note for others.
    * Three special DEAL threads - to minimize clutter, there are memory, hardware, and B&H threads going. Please post to them instead of starting a new thread. Let's keep the focus of this forum on peer-2-peer swapping.
    * A Pay-it-Forward thread - Put free (or at most for the cost of shipping) stuff in here. I think we can expand the photographic equipment a little bit here, maybe DVD players, laser pointers... but still no cats!
    * A suggestions for good trading practices discussion thread. Have you bought and sold a lot on the web? Help new people out!
  • Thread prefixes. We have now added a field for thread prefixes:


    These prefixes are intended to signal peer to peer buying/selling/trading of equipment - and by adding the field, you are now able to search and sort threads!


    FS = for sale *Here's a template suggestion
    WTB = want to buy

    In the For Hire sub-forum (good idea to list location in these):
    FH = for hire
    WTH = want to hire
  • Listing a price or what you want to pay is strongly encouraged. Try to emphasize the selling price, offer some general info, and whether shipping fees are included.
  • Please be aware: It is a violation of your PayPal user agreement to impose a surcharge (Section 4.5). Price your items accordingly, offer options if desired. That is all DGrin has to say on the matter.
  • Using PayPal Gift: this is out of Dgrin's hands, it is up to the buyer and seller to agree on payment terms privately. See community driven discussion on this issue.
  • When you have sold or found an item, please send the moderator (me) a PM so that I can edit the thread prefix to read SOLD/FOUND. At this point, users cannot edit thread titles, only individual post titles. Alternately, put a new reply in your thread that says "sold" - it'll get bumped, I'll see it right away, and edit the title.
  • We do not delete threads, they are very useful for price and product research for other dgrinners - do them a favor and leave the sale info in your original post.
  • "Feelers": if you need to ask... The general opinion: they are time wasters in an open market. If all you want is to discuss fair market prices on particular gear, go to the gear forum.
  • If you are new to Dgrin, posting some photos with the item (even if obvious) as well as a reference to previous trading on ebay or another trading forum is encouraged.
  • Linking to ebay auctions is OK, but only after a FS listing has not sold successfully.
  • This isn't one of those other sites, so posting to threads is encouraged - common courtesy applies. If you have suggestions for helping the seller, by all means, post it, but try to keep blunt advice such as price policing discreet (PM's are good).
  • That being said: don't be the price police! If you don't like the price, move along. Simple. The moderators are here to take care of obvious scams/ripoffs, and no one is going to give you a gold star for publicly chastising a seller who didn't know that a particular item sold for $20 less at Store X last week with 3 combo coupons. An ad with zero responses will make a seller re-think the price on his/her own terms.
  • We never accept advertisements, but we occasionally get requests from vendors that are not completely objectionable, and we would like to accommodate. If you are selling gear for-profit, you are a Vendor...

    VENDOR = advertising to dgrin members with a commercial service or selling/reselling gear at a profit

    * All vendors are asked to please contact the moderator before posting. Non-approved vendors will be considered spam and run the risk of being deleted. Also note, a sent PM does not automatically mean you are approved.
  • Disputes: Dgrin and SmugMug take no responsibility for any transactions that occur via this flea market. All transactions are entirely between the buying and selling parties and in the case of a dispute, should be resolved in private. Any posts containing negative comments or accusations regarding a disputed transaction will be deleted without notice. Dgrin will not mediate disputes. However, if you suspect a malicious or fraudulent buyer/seller, please report this to the moderator or any Dgrin admin.
I'll keep this sticky updated as things come up. And feel free to send me your comments on how we can make this a great trading spot!

-DoctorIt :thumb
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    Embedding images into your listing is a great way to make your sale go faster.
    Need a place to host your images?

    I recommend: www.SmugMug.com.
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    Latest major update, we now have a thread prefix field (FS, WTB - SOLD, FOUND)! See the updated section in post #1, above.
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