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Welcome. An introduction to this thread can be found here.

If you live in one of the countries on the African Continent we'd love to see a bit of your town in this thread.

If you are uncertain of what to post here's a suggestion: Choose a commercial center of your village, town or city. Be it a financial district, "downtown" area or other type of market center.

We will finesse these forums as we go depending on the level of posts and participation. But most importantly let's have fun doing this!

Start your post with a title containing a) COUNTRY b) CITY, TOWN or VILLAGE where you live


Then insert your photo and add a few lines of descriptive text to tell us about the image and your life in that location.



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    South Africa: Pretoria

    The University of South Africa with the sports grounds of the Education Campus of the University in the middle ground. In the right forground are buildings on the education campus of the University of Pretoria. The tower is a telecom tower of the local provider. The buildings in the background are downtown Pretoria. (Taken on an extraordinarily clear day.)
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