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I have a canon a70. I am very happy with this camera but I thought it needed a wideangle lens. I found a lens kit on ebay. I placed the wideangle lens on the camera and took the attached shot at the british museum. It is blurred at the edges !!!! All shots with the wide angle are blurred at the edges! Is there a setting on the camera to improve this type of shot ? Is it focus or lens problem ? Can anyone help ? Has anyone had this problem ?


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    glyne, good to have you here! wave.gif

    I don't have an A70. I do have a G3, and I have a sneaky suspicion I know what's up. Do you only get the vignetting (cut-off corners) at extreme wide angle? How does the image look if you zoom-in a little? Does it clean up?

    If so, you've finally found one of the limitations of your small and otherwise excellent camera. I suspect it simply isn't able to shoot at extreme wide angle (with your lens zoomed all the way out) with an attached wide angle lens.

    If I'm right, don't despair. On my G3, the extra telephoto lens does the same thing. I can only use my zoom through about half of its range. When I zoom out wide enough, I get a lot of vignetting as well.

    The distortion/blur you're getting is because you're seeing the absolute edge of your lens, and it simply isn't of high enough quality to be in focus all the way to the edge. It could cost a great deal more to get glass good enough to be sharp from edge to edge.

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