Printer calibration offered - Need to pay for my new i1XT

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I recently acquired a brand new i1XT calibration kit. I got a good deal, and it was one of those, "Too good to pass up" type of things.. Anywho... I can now do perfect printer calibration for fellow dgrinners.

Now, I know there's a few other places that do that type of thing. Dry Creek charges $50 for a single profile. Cathy's Profiles is $35 for a single profile (cheaper by the dozen).

I'm not looking to make my living doing this; it's more of a service I'd like to offer to fellow dgrinners.. But, since it still takes time to do it, I need to charge *something*. So, if anyone is interested, I'll happily profile your printer for the low-low-low :wink price of $20 per profile. That includes either RGB or CMYK printers, and has up to 1496 targets (CMYK).

Let me know if your interested, and I'll send you over the .tif's (or .ps) you need to print, and where/how to send them to me. I'm in SoCal, so, sending them to me should be pretty easy. Payment is by Google Checkout or paypal. If you're not happy I'll refund your money or redo it. No questions asked (well, maybe I'll ask a question about how I can improve, but.. I'll still refund your money).



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