SOLD: Olympus E-500 body

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E-500 body: SOLD!
I am selling one of my two Olympus E-500 bodies. I am willing to sell either, and both have slightly different histories so you can choose which one you would prefer. Both are in excellent working order. These are wonderful cameras that have served me very well.
- Camera A: has never had any problems.
- Camera B: has been repaired twice (replaced the sensor, and then removed some internal dust on the AF sensor), but is under a full Olympus warranty due to the repair for another 5 months, and has fewer shutter actuations than camera A.
In addition to the camera body, purchase will include a battery, charger, and strap.

I have 100% positive feedback on ebay - user: jjswinton
I could take payment via paypal or google checkout.
Anyone interested?

All the images in this gallery were taken with my E-500's:


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