Are Blurb books really bookstore quality?



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    kristyjokristyjo Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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    Good Prices, NOT great quality
    I recently used blurb on 3 10x8s and 1 11x14. The large book came out pretty good. The 3 10x8's had major issues. I had very thin white borders on some images against a black page. Some of the tops and sides of the borders were a rust color. Many of the images had a red cast over them. I had ordered a book to use for a portfolio and it came out great. I thought to keep the cost down for a friend, I would use blurb. I can say that I emailed them about the problem, and they immediately reprinted and only asked that I send a pic of the problem. I received the reprints very quickly and the books looked good. The dust covers however looked like the bride and groom were dead. The skin color was so terrible I was shocked that they would even ship it out. They used the same images from the first print and the dust covers on the first ones were fine. I just switched out the new with the old. I will not order from them again. I would check out Graphi Studio. They sent me a free 9.5x13, 6x8, and 4.5x5 sample set for free. The large book came in a leather briefcase and they are really great quality. The books have all different paper types and any question a bride would have about the books are in them. The textured paper is unique and the brides get to feel them. I recently did a PWG show and the books were an absolute hit. Sorry to talk your ear off, hope this helps:)

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    newt_dunbartonnewt_dunbarton Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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    Worst Service EVER! 3 Reprints then Refusal to Print.
    I wrote a 107-page book for my father's 70th birthday. I ordered a proof copy on Dec 15. I received the proof copy in very short order and it looked great. I used it to make many changes and adjustments and ordered 2 copies for my dad's birthday on Jan 15.

    I noticed a page didn't upload into the "book preview" even though it showed in Booksmart. I emailed customer support but they confirmed the file uploaded and it should be fine. It wasn't both books printed without page 99.

    After emailing customer support I was offered a free reprint. That reprint was horrendous. Streaks and smudges throughout both books. At this point the months of work were ruined as I had no book to give my dad on his birthday - despite my leaving enough to go through 2 prints!

    The customer service agent Michael, offered to have someone inspect the book to be sure it printed correctly. Well apparently the inspectors snapped the binding of both books at page 2. So once I again I emailed and sent photos. After many days (more time to respond to my emails than to print and mail the proof book I might add), Michael responded about it not being a lay-flat book.

    I don't know what a lay-flat book is but I just want the book I ordered to be printed and shipped with all the pages their, no printing errors and the binding in-tact.

    I would definitely recommend you look somewhere else as you can't reach anyone from Blurb. They hide behind their email/live support chat. Save your money and you memories for a company who delivers what they offer!

    PS - they have now offered to reprint one more copy for me and have refunded all costs associated with the printing of the book.
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    Antonio CorreiaAntonio Correia Registered Users Posts: 6,241 Major grins
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    I wrote a 107-page ...

    And however, John Paul Caponigro sells books from them.

    Is it possible that he is treated differently from other customers ? I am sure he is. mwink.gif

    Cheers :D
    All the best ! ... António Correia - Facebook
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    2quick2clique2quick2clique Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins
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    Am curious on this as well -- and dug up this gem from the graveyard of posts gone by....

    I've been drugged and dragged into..............err.. "volunteered" to do a reunion photo album for some family.

    I came to SM and looked around to see what's recommended.

    Am dealing with around 125-130pics from a reunion, and need to print in hard back.. Probably around 35-40 pages, and there will be 50+ copies, so this isn't a minor expense..

    This is for a rather unique family with some very prestigious members, so I need it to look decent.. The photo quality doesn't have to be perfect, but I do need it to be passable for coffee-table display...

    I started by comparing Zookbinders and Blurb, as both are recommended on Smugmug. But zookbinders doesn't have such a good recommendation in some places (BBB rates them a D!), and their pricing is easily 4-5x's the price as Blurb, for "comparable" product.

    Is it a valid comparison? I don't know.. The folks from Zook called me numerous times trying to get a sale, but while I need a quality product that I'm not embarrassed of (for years to come), I need to keep this project in 4 digits not 5..

    Any other recommendations?
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    bjcoolphotobjcoolphoto Registered Users Posts: 15 Big grins
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    Realise this thread is an oldie, and has not been subscribed to for some time, but thought I'd add a comment for any new readers.
    I think Blub is absolutely excellent.
    Had very few problems, and when I did, a minor delivery one, they responded immediately and set matters right. I cannot fault the quality, though I do have a preference for 10x8 landscape with jacket cover. This provides a glossy cover which the wrap cover doesn't.

    If anyone know a better option, be pleased to hear, by my recommendation goes to Blurb.
    Good luck
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