FS: Pentax 40 & 70mm Pancakes, Screwmounts, Misc

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Both of these are less than 6 months old and look & feel like new. Money Order or Paypal - buyer pays extra 3% for paypal fees.

$215 Shipped. Pentax SMCP-DA 40mm f/2.8 ED Digital Auto Focus Limited Edition Lens for SLR Cameras (missing front lense cap, though front element is recessed, so not that big of a deal)

$425 Shipped. Pentax SMCP-DA 70mm f/2.4 ED Digital Auto Focus Limited Edition Lens for SLR Cameras

I've been happy with both these lenses... they take great shots, and are nice and light. Reason for selling is a hefty car insurance bill. In other words, prices are firm. Shipping will be via Fedex Express Saver/Ground, though this is negotiable.

I've also got a lot of screwmount lenses, mostly pentax supertaks. $45 dollars each for the 105mm & shorter. $65 for the 200s and $250 obo for the 300. 55$ For the SV bodies. All glass is in phenomenal shape, 1 owner not counting me, standard wear and tear on outside. The 105 has very stiff focusing, all others are perfectly smooth. No fungus, no oil on aperture blades. Both SV bodies are 9/10 condition. Great for the high school/college film student.

Super Tak 28mm f/3.5
Auto Tak 35mm f/3.5
Auto Tak 55mm f/1.8
Tak 105mm f/2.8
Tak 200mm f/3.5
Super Tak 200mm f/4
Tak 300mm f/4
Pentax SV x2

Oh, and I also have a nikon mount Kenko Auto Extension tube set for $145 shipped.
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