Old town street photos

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Dear friends!
Hope these photos, taken at Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt will be interesting to you.
Just some street scenes and characters...
1 Its not an easy job - to sell...
2 These two photos are rather exclusion - Egyptians are mostly energetic persons.
3 Yes, this women is under impression ! But... must say - most (almost all) of these things are artificial - made in China
4 Egyptian workers. Get the smiles...
5 They say people like to watch water, fire and... how others work...
6 Street cafe...
7 How do you like them????


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    Hello very cool series
    loved the beeds and sheesha shot clap.gif
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    I like all your images, but I especially like the Beads and the Hookahs! Colorful but not so busy, subject wise.

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    Nice series, well done.thumb.gif
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