1st Attempt @ Street Photography

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went out yesterday and gave my first attempt at Street Photography...

its harder to go out and shoot Street, cuz your afraid of what people will say, do, and how they will react, surprisingly i didn't have any bad encounters rather a few stupid ones from kids about wanting their photo taken, and one person that was wearing a GROUNDWERX shirt wanting to know why and what i was shooting...

these are the first three ive gotten done in PP, will add more later....



- Roy


  • Marshmallow ManMarshmallow Man Help! Ive Been Nikoned! Milpitas, CARegistered Users Posts: 37 Big grins
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    heres a couple more... still have a couple more to finish up PP ...



    here is #3 Re-Worked In Levels to bring out the skin...
    - Roy

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    Hi there,
    I definitely agree with you on street photography being tricky for many reasons;
    My favorite of the set is #2.
    They do all seem a wee bit OOF? It could be the strange computer I'm on as well, not sure if it's just me?
    Anyway not too bad; keep shooting the streets so-to-speak. Hope to see more from you soon! Thanks for sharing!
    "Take my picture, Tonight I feel beautiful..."
    -Marilyn Monroe
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    I think #2 is the most interesting - but you cut her off at the wrist and that makes me feel nervous ne_nau.gif Maybe crop that one a bit?

    They do all seem a bit soft, but I think the softness works in the B&W images.

    The re-edit on the girl on the bus looks nice. You might want to punch up the whites in the others too, so they aren't so grey/dingy looking. Also, I'm on a monitor that is set very dark, so that could be effecting the way I am seeing the brightness.

    Just MHO, I am still too worried about safety and strange looks to go out and do street photography.
    ~ Lisa
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    thumb.gif Hi, Roy

    Love the dof in #1 it works great.
    #1 See how the subject is angled to the right side of the photo.
    I think it would help if, you had more space on her right side of her.

    #2 I like it.

    #3 I like the original the best it looks more natural.

    #4 Nice shot, the subject is looking to the right side so, more space on the right would help.

    #5 Great Shot, you might want to crop the crome part of the seat out of the right side.

    Great Job for your first try at Street Photography!!!thumb.gif
    I have some street photography on my site if, you want to check them out.

    Take Care,
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