Photographer's Resources: Law, Marketing, Supplies, etc.

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We have a lot of good information here in this forum regarding rights, marketing, supplies, etc, etc, etc. This list will be update frequently so check back often. If you have seen something that belongs in here let me know and I will take a look at it.

It is up to you to verify any and all information. Dgrin, Smugmug, the original posters, myself, etc, make no claim to the validity of this information & cannot be held responsible if you don't do your homework.


Copyright Info: <---- interview with copyright attorney <---- someone stole your work?

Photog's Rights: <---- Right of Publicity Statutes

Business Management:

Photo Business News and Forum


SmugMug Pro Tips:


Business Card samples, advice, critiques:

Model Releases:

Model Release Primer:

You don't need a model release if...

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