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I go to bed late last night thinking about the challenge that I have, of trying
to pick a winner from all of these great shots.

I wake up at about 6:30, this task is still on my mind, so I figure I better get to it.

I went through the list/thread of photos, and wrote down the photographers name, the title, and number in the thread.
I ended up with 20 shots that for me, just jumped off of the page.
I feel good that I've knocked the count down to 20, but then realize that I need to get it down to one.

The page jumpers.

#6 Jovitta, Reflection
#10 Anwmn1, Sleeping Giant
#15 Jag, At Play
#16 Dwight, Tree
#23 rhommel, Amanda
#32 Peterst6906, Shadows on Stairs, and Molen and the moon
#33 Marian, Ten, and Silver
#35 Mycaptures, The legs
#41 Panther, Ferris wheel and lagoon
#51 Fotophocus, Penn Theatre
#60 Rocketman, Father and son
#62 Sciurusniger, Photo #2
#66 Sunita, Innocence
#72 Kungaloosh, Working man
#81 Flyinggina, Three in a row
#87 Jack'll do, Dreary day in Rockport
#88 Tentacion, Photo #1
#92 Paul Mckee, Ylil Retsae

So now I go through them again and I'm able to knock it down to 8 that grab me.

So my HM's are......

#35 Mycaptures, The Legs


#32 Peterst6906, Molen and the moon


#88 Tentacion, #1


#15 JAG, At Play


And here are the top 4 shots on my list.

3RD runner up

#60 Rocketman, Father and Son.

This would have also been a good entry into the "Treasures" mini challenge.
I have seen thousands of shots of parents holding their kids, but this is a son
holding on to his father. I think the father would approve.


2ND runner up

#92 PaulThomasMcKee, Ylil Retsae

I love the high key treatment.


1ST runner up

#33 Marian, Ten

Living in Minnesota, I have learned to love/hate snow.
I hate shoveling it, but it can make for a very dramatic scene.


And the Winner is...............

#23 rhommel, Amanda

This is a lovely portrait of a lovely young woman.


So Rhommel, the Mini Challenge now belongs to you.
Pick a subject and start up a thread.

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone that entered, commented, or just looked into the thread to view these fantastic shots.
You folks are the ones making these little challenge's into a big challenge for the judge.:D

Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.


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    Congrats to everyone on the short list! Beautiful work :D

    See you in round 7 thumb.gif
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  • sunitasunita Major grins Posts: 210Registered Users Major grins
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    Great set of photos and congratulations to the winners! Glad to have made it to your top 20, Dave! thumb.gif

  • richterslrichtersl Major grins Posts: 3,322Registered Users Major grins
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    Congratulations to all of you! ylsuper.gif
    Three cheers to Dave to surviving this tough round as judge. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif
  • Jack'll doJack'll do Major grins Posts: 2,977Registered Users Major grins
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    Those winning shots really are awesome. Participating in this, my first challenge, has taught me a lot. Thanks for including one of mine in the finalists. The talent and enthusiasm shown by the participants would seem to indicate that a forum for B&W on DGRIN would be well recieved. It would help us all to hone our skills in this area. Think there's any chance?

    (My real name is John but Jack'll do)
  • SciurusNigerSciurusNiger Runs with squirrels.... Posts: 256Registered Users Major grins
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    Tough choices but great fun. Looking forward to the next one.
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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,079Super Moderators moderator
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    Congrates To Rhommel!
    and all the runners up and honorable mentions. Ty for considering my at play Dave as a HM. This was a great challenge and many many wonderful entries. Nice work on bringing it down to one!
  • TangoTango Major grins Posts: 4,592Registered Users Major grins
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    wow that must have been a tuff one of trying to decide!!

    congrats to allthumb.gif
    Aaron Nelson
  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainPosts: 19,059Administrators, Vanilla Admin moderator
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    Congratulations to all. Wonderful set of pics. thumb.gif
  • TentacionTentacion Click On ! Posts: 940Registered Users Major grins
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    WOW...I am honored to be amongst the finalists of your Mini-challenge....

    There were SOOOOOOO many Wonderful Captures here....

    I would not have wanted to be in your shoes and have to judge....

    Thank You Again,
    I look forward to the next one!!

    You're only as good as your next photo....
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  • FlyingginaFlyinggina To see and not be seen Posts: 2,639Registered Users Major grins
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    Congratulations Rhommel!

    What a superb set of finalists!!

    To be among Dave's top twenty is an amazing honor for me. The entires were just stunning - so much good work!

    "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know." Diane Arbus

  • anwmn1anwmn1 Wandering the Desert Posts: 3,469Registered Users Major grins
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    This contest was filled with many great shots. clap.gifclap.gif
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  • peterst6906peterst6906 Expat Aussie Posts: 267Registered Users Major grins
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    Nice challenge and it shows just how good B&W can be with so many wonderful images.

    The winning shot is stunning.


    It's not my camera's fault, I'm just visually illiterate
  • PantherPanther Major grins Posts: 3,658Registered Users Major grins
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    Howdy All,

    Congratulations to all the Finalists and Well Done to Rhommel for his winning shot, beautiful image.
    Take care,


    Burleson, Texas
  • evorywareevoryware Major grins Posts: 1,330Registered Users Major grins
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    Yeah great shots and tough job narrowing down! Congrats rhommel that's one awesome headshot!
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  • FotoPhocusFotoPhocus Big grins Posts: 28Registered Users Big grins
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    Woohoo, top 20! Thanks!
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  • rhommelrhommel Major grins Posts: 306Registered Users Major grins
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    wow!! my first every entry in ANY competition is a success!!! Thanks!!

    i would also like to congratulate everyone for the excellent images! good job guys!
  • hawkeye978hawkeye978 Major grins Posts: 1,218Registered Users Major grins
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    Congratulations to rhommel on that great shot. So many beautiful B&W treatments in this challenge.
  • RocketManRocketMan Major grins Posts: 236Registered Users Major grins
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    First off, congrats to the winner! clap.gif

    And Wow! was I surprised when I saw I came in 3rd runner up! Its been ages since I participated in the challenges here and then....again Wow, what a thrill to have made it that far along!

    I’ve since been down to see my Dad, and now my Mom is with him, so my visits to Arlington Cemetery have become a sort of family reunion.


    The original shot was from a series I’ve working on of Arlington and the many monuments in and around DC, of which we have many, and which in turn lead to something I wrote this past winter which can be found HERE for those that are interested.

    Now to get to work on the mini-challenge #7!

    Thanks again for the thoughts on my entry in the final tally…

    "It's better to bite the hand that feeds you, than to feed the hand that bites you" - Me :D
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