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I have a '70's era Nikon F2 (plus the following Nikkor lenses: 24, 35, 55macro, 85, 135) which I need to sell to support my growing digital habit!

Is it best to sell all individually? I'd love to sell all at once but am guessing that would make it more difficult.




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    I'd say post it in the Nikon forum with prices on individual items and a preferred package price. Then see what kind of response you get before making the final decision to separate it.
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    People will buy the pieces off individually of you let them, much faster than waiting from someone to buy the whole kit.
    Advertise on Craigs List. I have sold a lot of equipment on there, quickly.
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    What about B&H or Adarama? I know they purchase used equipment. Is that an option for him?
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    fredjclaus wrote:
    What about B&H or Adarama? I know they purchase used equipment. Is that an option for him?
    Always an option... but will get basement prices for good gear. Don't forget... they have to make a profit.

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    Last year I bought all the surplus film equipment at work. Some Nikon, some Minolta, several Sunpak flashes, lots of odds n ends. None of this stuff was in bad shape except one Nikon 105mm macro lens (:cry). Sold nearly all of it on Ebay.

    My experience:

    Fast lenses in top condition still bring decent money. Camera bodies, unless they are something special, are not great sellers from a price standpoint. Example: Nikon F3HP with a 35-105mm and motordrive, all in near new condition brought $275. Very sad, not for the price but that such wonderful equipment brings so little.

    I do think that from a strategy standpoint that it's better to sell stuff of individually or group things in a way that gets dollars without limiting the potential buyers. There may be some part in a kit that a guy wants and would pay top dollar for but he won't pay any extra for all the other stuff so he doesn't buy at all. The problem with selling stuff individually is that you're stuck with handling a number of seperate transactions and making several trips to the post office. Then of course there is the fun of dealing through Ebay... :puke1

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