Mini-Challenge #146 - Animals - RESULTS

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OK I’ll try to keep it brief – and thanks to all for participating.

Judging by the high standard in here, many of you probably already know through experience that judging is not as easy a task as some would think! Personally I am quite often drawn to photographs which sing out technical excellence and there are wonderful shots here which do that by the bucket load.

However, I am always mindful that my first viewing reaction and lasting engagement with a photo has equal importance to me. There are several images in here that sing to me because of their beautiful quality and several others predominantly because I really engage with the subject and the way it was taken. I am also keeping in mind it was not jmp2204 intention to have the theme as strictly “wildlife” only, but incllusive of all animal pictures.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the delays, some pictures were submitted after the competition closed. So although it was really nice to see them, and they are good, you will have to save them for another round – sorry I’m afraid.

4th Place – Seriously, too many to mention!

3rd Place - Draft Horses by DsrtVW
Deliberations on this one shot caused me the greatest delay!
The treatment works well, I like the composition and low shooting angle and the way the horses are all engaging with each other, and because of that I engage with it. The pylons do not distract me too much, but I’m wondering if it is slightly over sharpened or too much “clarity”. There may be minor haloing around the ears – I'm not sure, but worth you having a look?. That said … for me it is a great and engaging shot, well seen, well and thoughtfully taken and a deserved third place - but with many hot on your heels!


2nd Place - Frosty Morning by davev.
Nothing much to say, other than repeat what I said in the comments (as did someone else) – loved its quality and content as soon as I saw it. For me, it is a strong image, well taken and well processed.


1st Place – Funny by Syncopation.
I make no apologies, spent some time thinking on this, and realise this may not be everyone’s first choice and I’ve surprised myself – but I just can’t help it!

The first time I saw it, it made me smile!
The second time I saw it - it made me smile.
Each time I see it, it still makes me smile!

I suspect you were just trying to photograph an Elephant, but could not avoid its overwhelming curiosity. I imagine myself in your situation when you took it – and that makes me smile too!
No technical comments required – for me this ticks the box


Well done everyone and sorry if you didn't get a place - 3rd was very tight.

Well done Syncopation, over to you.

Alan (standing in for jmp2204 on his topic)


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    excellent choices!
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    Congratulations everyone! For me a photograph has to elicit emotion and elephant nostrils sure do that, Laughing.gif.
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    kentwaller wrote: »
    excellent choices!


    Thank for stepping up.
    --- Kono ---
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    Whoo hoo, I love second place. :D

    Thanks for stepping up and finishing this challenge up.

    Congrat's to Syncopation and DsrtVW for their spots in the challenge.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    Congrats Syncopation, you really make that iPad look good!!

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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