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I have a friend who uses the lightroom plugin to publish photos from Lighroom to his Smugmug account. He really, really wants to keep the "publish directly from LR" system so that comments on SM get pulled back into LR.

He needs to upload a group of photos to a single gallery, where some of the photos are his own photos and some were taken by others. The photos taken by others need to have the appropriate copyright/watermark for the photographer, and need to be set as "not for sale" while his own photos will have his own copyright/watermark, and be available for sale. (I *believe* that we can set the watermark on a per-photo basis using data from the $copyright field in the metadata, still looking for details on this and would appreciate a pointer if anyone has a link.)

The photos also need to be in a specific sort order (e.g. not just in $date order), which he can create in a collection in LR.

What's the most efficient way to publish these photos so that A) the appropriate "for sale" settings are set for each photographer's photos and B) the photos are then displayed on the site in the right order?

Exporting as 2 sets with sequential prefixes and ordering by filename won't work because they won't properly merge, each set will have it's own number sequence.

Exporting as one set and tediously resetting the sales permissions for 1/2 the photos will be a huge PITA.

Is there another option?
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