NIkon sell off: D300 and Lenses

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    D'oh. You're not logged in or don't have permission to do this.
    Can't see if no acct. May want to copy/paste that ad here. Usually the PHP code is similar...
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    Thanks Seymore.

    Getting out of the big camera game. Most of my assignments now involve hiking/skiing, etc., so I'm going to a smaller system. Prices are a best guess of value based on ebay and KEH prices. Will post photos and shutter count of D300 later. All prices are plus shipping and paypal fees, but can deliver in VT (or CT at Thanksgiving).
    Boxes for all, three batteries, charger, CF card, Lowepro TLZ2 included for package deal.

    Nikon D300 body: $400
    Nikon 50mm 1.8:$90
    Nikon 18-200: $375
    Nikon 70-300: $375
    Tamron 17-50 2.8: $250
    Nikon SB400 Flash: $100

    Photos here:
    Want everything? $1300, you cover shipping and fees.
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