Mini-challenge #201 - Animal Pairs - Results

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Well, you folks certainly didn't make it easy to select the "best of the best" here. After much deliberation, here are my thoughts and the final selections:
Honorable mentions:
- Tatiana - "I'm gonna catchya" - love how the ducks are in line as if one was chasing the other. Nice clarity as well.

- Sdways01 - "Cows watching traffic" - nice catch and good humor on this one. The cow on the left looks like she is giving a play-by-play.

- GrandmaR - Your Wood Stork shot - I like the reflections and the little duck in between.

- Paul (Hammy8241) - Gannets - I like the clarity of this shot and in particular the expression of the bird in the water.

- Tony - goats -So how did you get them to pose for you with their bling on? Good shot. I like the donkey shot as well.

- Kate (Kdotaylor) - Beetles - (At least I think they are beetles) - Good macro and great colors.

- Alan - Common Blues - lovely shot with great color and DOF.

- Eric - Flamingos - Well, this is almost a perfect mirror shot! I love this one! #24 and 38 are good looking birds.

- Don - Kittens in a bowl - This turns out to be a good mirror shot as well. It's amazing where and how cats will curl up.

- Lauren (redleash) - Pair of Labs - wonderful expression on both of them as if they were really interested in what someone was saying. Or was there a biscuit in their future? Nice shot.

And now the final three:

Third place - Lillian (Ikbart) - Butterflies playing footsies. Beautifully done and another mirror shot. Great composition as well.

Second place - Gretchen (Sapphire73) - Mountain Goats in Colorado. What's not to love - goats + Colorado + BW? Great catch. They appear to be a little worried about the next step!

First place - PuzzeledPaul - Morning Constitutional. What a shot! Composition, reflection, the outstanding DOF and beautiful colors.

Congratulations PuzzeledPaul for winning Mini #201. The ball is now in your court!


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    Well done to all - for making Jo's task a difficult one :) ...and thanks Jo for choosing my shot ...especially as it nearly never existed (as mentioned in the other thread)
    I'll have an overnight ponder re 202.

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    Jo, thank you for the nod for second place and for giving feedback on so many of the entries. And hearty congratulations to Paul on a well-deserved first place! clap.gif
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    Cavalier, thanks for the honorable mention. Great pick for first place! Waiting on the next one, PuzzledPaul.


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    Congratuations Paul, really nice shot I liked it as well when I first saw it! clap.gif

    Thank you for mentioning my "I'm gonna catchya!" - they WERE really chasing each other - it was spring time :)

    Congratulations to all - such nice entries! clap.gif

    To the next one now! :)
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  • Alans GrinAlans Grin Major grins Registered Users Posts: 346 Major grins
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    Great mini.
    Congrats Paul.

    Alan - on the road in Spain
  • lkbartlkbart Wandering in left field~ Derby, KansasRegistered Users Posts: 1,734 Major grins
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    Congrats to Paul - very sweet image! Lots of great shots & wonderful feedback! - & thanks for the 3d place - cool!
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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 7,293 moderator
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    Congrates Paul and all the runner ups! Great round Jo!
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