Customizer Update: Improved Drag/Drop + others

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Those of you entering the Customizer in the last few days will have noticed a few slight changes that make using content blocks much easier. Here is what we've done to make customizing easier:

1) Drop zones are now larger in an attempt to make it easier to place content blocks.

2) A new 4 way arrow (or "D-pad") appears when adding a new content block. It will show you where the block well be placed relative to the other blocks. If you want to add a new content block above or below another, the arrow will shown up or show down, respectively. Left/right also works. This will make it easier to precisely add content blocks where you want them.

3) Content blocks now find the nearest drop zone with easier precision and less mouse movement. No longer do you have to drag your mouse all the way across the screen just to add a block to the top or left.

4) We have added a new category to the "Content" tab in the customized form"Gallery" blocks and moved gallery related items from "Navigation" to "Gallery". It includes:
- Gallery
- Folders
- Pages
- Folders, Galleries and Page's content block

A few screenshots:



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