Mini Challenge #207 - Shadows - Results

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I have come to believe that the real Challenge in the Mini Challenge series is having to select the top three images from the outstanding entries submitted. Once again, this theory holds true - a lot of great photos were submitted for the Shadows challenge making my job last night particularly difficult! But here goes:

Honorable Mention:

Eucalyptus by Eric (Earache) - this reminds me of a delicate Japanese silk painting. Beautifully done.

Street Lamp - Paris Cinema by Don (DonRicklin) - I love the way the lamp post is framed against the building.

Jumping Shadows by Joyce (JAG) - I know, I know...not for entry. But I love this one!

Top Three:

Third place = Fence by Tatiana (Travelways). Lovely composition Tatiana.

Second place = Lizard by Gatto. Great clarity and a different look at a shadow.

First place = Haunted Highway by Phil (Roaddog52). The perfect solution to the challenge. Shadows telling a story with such an artistic bent. I can almost hear the rumble of the old truck's engine. Great job Phil!

OK, Phil. Your turn to start a new challenge. :barb


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