Mini Challenge #234 ~ Macros - RESULTS

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Sorry for getting to this late.

Thank you for the great entries!

Here are my top 3!

#3 kdotaylor - White Flower
What I love most about this shot is the perfect exposure of an all white subject. Not an easy thing to do in a normal shot much less a close up. Bravo!

#2 pegelli - Drops
I am having a hard time pinning down exactly why I like this shot so much. I just do :)

And the winner...

#1 Don Kondra - House fly

This shot has everything I want to see in a Macro shot! Perfect exposure and focus of a subject that both fascinates and grosses me out at the same time! Love it! Great job!! :clap :thumb :bow

Thanks again for all the great entries!!
Light is everything in life and photography.


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