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Thinking it would be cool for the pro sport togs here who use smugmug to display images to customers, to share there sites and maybe some info on how they use smugmug.
I cover motocross and have multi screen onsite printing, i use my smug site as a showroom for customers to view images after the event. I dont use the shopping cart as i sell mostly download images from the website and with no delay option like with prints its a non starter for me. also the extra cost involved going via smugmug. I prefer to print my own and post out to customers..
Here is my main website, i have another for non motocross work


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    Some nice dirt rooster tails...

    Nice work in your gallery

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    I think the way you're doing it is the best business model, but not everyone can pull it off as it requires some serious gear (view stations, printers, etc). It creates a sense of urgency if viewers know they can't wait and purchase later online, which they generally won't do anyway.

    Alas I can't do it that way so here is my site:

    Great stuff in your gallery however I'm wondering why you bother putting them online at all, heavily watermarked, if you're not going to use the SmugMug shopping cart system?


    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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