Photo Info Popup/overlay Viewing Problem

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All of a sudden the popup photo info box is double spaced. This increases the vertical height and when "show more" is clicked the box is way off the bottom of window. The box does not scroll with page. If I move the box slightly it will then scroll to see bottom of box.
Firefox 67.0.1
Open Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Click "show More" . . . . . . . . . . Scroll page up but Info does not move

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  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MASuper Moderators Posts: 12,789 moderator

    Very interesting. I see the same spacing on my site but there is a subtle scroll bar in the info box on my site so I can easily see all of the information.

    There are two differences between my site and Allen's that might be in play here. One is the gallery style, and the other is the use of the MAP tab. That tab is turned off on my site.

  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoRegistered Users Posts: 9,806 Major grins
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    Denise is right, toggled map feature off and the scroll bar shows.

    BTW, in this gallery only 38 of 67 photo/videos show in map box. All should, never had this problem before. All 67 map tabs show in the info.
    Map page link in gallery description.
    Hit a new high for gallery page views Sunday 4342.

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  • leftquarkleftquark Former SmugMug Product Team Super Moderators, Administrators, Vanilla Admin, SmugMug Product Team Posts: 3,737 Many Grins

    The extra padding was added for readibility and works especially well when the metadata is displayed in the new lightbox. We’re aware of the scrollbar and display issues when a map is displayed.

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  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandAdministrators Posts: 12,521 moderator

    Agree with Allen. Less V spacing would help - that's too much room between lines. I have to move the box to the top of the screen to read it when Show More is selected. I'm NOT willing to give up the map feature so viewers can more easily scroll through the EXIF. It should easily show both without any effort.

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  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 2,674 Major grins

    Agree with Allen, Denise, David... please fix. Thanks.

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