Results Mini Challenge # 306: My home town

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First thanks to all who participated, it was a nice and very diverse set of images and my main conclusion is you all live in beautiful areas and/or towns.

Here's some individual comments:
@Cavalier , The first photo really emphasises the tranquility and I seem to remember the same (or similar) contageous smile from the lovely young ladies. You can see they are having a good time.
@JAG , Wow, what a view from your deck, and a very nice photo of a beautiful moment there, fall colours and snowy mountains in the background. I bet you sit a lot outside to watch the different seasons roll by
@DavidRGillespie , Nice diverse set, the first has a nice mood (maybe just clean up two dust bunnies in the sky) and the third is indeed interesting architecture, despite it not being tto old
@Lab_Tested , I like the moose but the moonlit canyon takes the cake for me,still light enough to see alot and still dark enough to preserve the night mood.
@grandmaR , Nice local reportage, I especially like the marina shot with the reflection in the water.
@sarasphotos , Three very diverse photo's from Augsburg, I like the impressive architecture of the second and the very tranquil mood of the third
@lkbart , I just love your first photo, it looks like two lovers holding hand in the moonlight ;) The two others are nice as well, with the beautiful sunset and a mirroring lake
@sapphire73 , Great snowscapes, that museum almost looks like a church but I like the second photo even better due to more layering and depth

One confession, the comments were relatively easy, picking the winner was not so that explains the little delay. I made my choices but wanted to let it rest for a half day to see if I still felt the same, since there are so many great photos here.

But here they come:

Third place goes to @Lab_Tested for a wonderful moonlit night shot:

Second place is for @lkbart for a shot of "two lovers" enjoying the moonlight

And the winner is @JAG for a very good photo from her deck in the fall

Congrats to all three and Joyce, the next one is yours.

Pieter, aka pegelli
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