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    Having placed my first order, I just want to say how good the service was and how good the print looks.

    I reprocessed my entry from LPS Round 14 and then ordered through the online system, picking the file directly from my Smugmug account.

    I received a confirmation pretty quickly from Jurgen and then a few days later, a message indicating that my order had been shipped. Due to the holiday weekend, it arrived 4 days later, this morning by USPS priority shipping.

    The outer packaging was nice and solid:


    And while I was a little concerned with slipping a knife into the tape around the outer edge, I didn't need to worry. There is an inner box containing the photo and the wall mount:


    The inner box opens up to reveal the print; which was wrapped in plastic:


    And the print is just fantastic. This image doesn't do the real thing justice, but I am totally happy with the detail and clarity of the print:


    The print is nice and light with a nice thin profile:


    Definitely a product I'll be ordering more of and thanks to Jurgen and Tom. Great product and great service.



    Hear ye, hear ye!!!

    I had the same kind of experience! You did a wonderful job clap.gifdocumenting the delivery of your print....thanks for saving me all that work....bowdown.gifbow

    Loved your print in the contest and can only imagine the FotoFlot rendition!

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    I'm sure we all have those little (or not-so-little) eyesores in our home that we'd like to conceal somehow--in a not-too-obvious and kind'a pretty way. In my home, this is the circuit breaker box, which greets visitors to my home immediately after they walk in, nestled awkwardly between the main entrance and a bathroom door on a narrow strip of wall:


    I had long ago measured this to figure out a custom frame and print size, but being the procrastinator I am, I never got around to doing anything with those measurements (though I remembered having taken them every time I was in my kitchen or leaving my home and had to look at this ugly, grey rectangle on my wall). Thankfully, my laziness paid off, as Fotoflot came unexpectedly onto the scene.

    I'd been considering using fotoflots elsewhere in my home, but it suddenly occured to me that they are hung using magnets. And, by jove, my circuit breaker box is metal! mwink.gif But it was still an awkward size, and nothing I could find on the Fotoflot site would fit my need. So I shot a curious inquiry to the gentlemen there.

    First off, I got a response within a couple hours. This in itself floored me. Jurgen took fantastic care of me, going so far as to put together two diagrams with different configurations of fotoflot sizes they have currently available that could cover my awkward eyesore. He even tested the products at his home on his own breaker box and fridge to ensure the magnets would stick without their standard mounting brackets.

    After a slight internal debate, I decided to take one image and split it across three panels. Jurgen helped me every step of the way (we had a flurry of back-and-forth as I had many questions--and each time I got an answer within a couple hours, sometimes even in a couple minutes!). He helped ensure that what I had split up would align correctly once chopped, and he included extra magnets with the flots to make extra sure these puppies would stick to my breaker box.

    Even better, the extra magnets stick to the box itself if I need to remove the fotoflots to access the breaker box (which I've already had to do a couple times), so I never have to fix the alignment when I place them back on the box.

    I love, love, love how this turned out. I love even more how incredibly awesome Jurgen was in helping me find a solution. Thanks again, Jurgen. You're absolutely amazing. :D


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    In the title is a reference to "Star Explorer" bling.. But, no where in this thread is it discussed... Did S*E offer prizes, but later pull it? or...? deal.gif
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    DrDavid wrote:
    In the title is a reference to "Star Explorer" bling.. But, no where in this thread is it discussed... Did S*E offer prizes, but later pull it? or...? deal.gif
    It was an error. Fixed.
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    Andy wrote:
    It was an error. Fixed.
    Thanks.. I had started to think I forgot how to read! lol ne_nau.gif
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    Llywellyn wrote:

    What a great idea! So glad it worked out so nicely, and it looks like you chose a gorgeous picture for that spot! clap.gif

    Comments and constructive critique always welcome!

    Elaine Heasley Photography
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