Winners Of Mini Challenge #1

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First off, I'd like to say thank you to everybody that entered or made a comment on some of the shots.

My first run through the shots, I had 12 finalists, from there I got it down to the 5 in this thread.

Getting right into it, here are my favorites.

HM goes to: BPerron
Although I'm not really sure if the gosling is flying, I'm sure in it's head it thinks it is.:D


3rd Runner up: saurora
You were able to get a very good exposure on this shot. The light silhouetting the fish in the bill is great.


2nd Runner up: WildWally
This is a stunning photo. The exposure is perfect, there's action and great colors. I may have cropped it a little differently, removing some of the tree branches, but that's about it.


1st Runner up: vandana
Tack sharp, perfect exposure, great color and contrast makes this a very good shot.


And the Winner is: jwear.
This is just one of those shots that make you say WOW.
Although I think that some of the runner up shots were exposed slightly better, the action and the nature story of survival wins out. (at least for me)
The sharp eye, on the bird and fish, the water flying about, the talons grabbing hold makes this shot my winner.


The brass ring has now been handed off to you Jwear.
It is now your Mini Challenge.
Pick a topic and make the rules that you'd like us to live by.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in the first of hopefully many Mini Challenges.


Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.


  • WildWallyWildWally Major grins Registered Users Posts: 494 Major grins
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    Congrats to jwear !!! Such an awesome capture of a beautiful bird with his lunch !!! (or lunch for the boss/wife/ Laughing.gif)
    And a thank you to davev (Dave) for hosting this mini-challenge . I am very humbled to be included in the top 5 , as their were some very stunning shots .
    Looking forward to the next mini-challenge to view more of everyones great photos !!!!
    Well done all !!!clap.gifthumb.gif
  • The Curious CamelThe Curious Camel Peace Always Registered Users Posts: 942 Major grins
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    congrats to the top 5 winners.
    Awesome shots.

    Peace, gail.

    It was fun viewing others shots as well and being in the challenge.
  • DaddyODaddyO Grins In Progress Registered Users Posts: 4,466 Major grins
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    Congratulations to all the winners. thumb.gifthumbthumb.gif

    With so many awesome shots submitted it could not have
    been easy to narrow down the field. :D
  • DeeDee Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,981 Major grins
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  • saurorasaurora Major grins Registered Users Posts: 4,320 Major grins
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    Wow, I am totally stunned to be amongst the top 5!!! wings.gif Thanks Dave for the comments and for starting this contest! Congrats to jwear, truly an awesome bird photographer and this shot is killer. The combination of sharpness and action, especially the water flying, really make this shot for me. BPerron's gosling is absolutely a wonderful catch! WildWally's blue heron was one of my favorites. It reminds me of an oriental painting. And Vandana's goose is so sharp it looks like it's coming straight out of my monitor! Lots of great shots everyone! thumb.gif
  • redleashredleash Texas Grins San Antonio, TXRegistered Users Posts: 3,796 Major grins
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    All of these were great shots! This is a cool idea for a contest and a great way to learn and enjoy others' work. Thanks to everyone. Lauren
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    Lauren Blackwell
  • jwearjwear learning now shoot & cuss LOS ANGELESRegistered Users Posts: 7,991 Major grins
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    WOW thanks Dave :D I will pm you about the challenge
    A few comments
    BPerron well I think this shot is a bif headscratch.gif but B bird I is F falling :D very cute shot
    Saurora this is a great shot [loved it this first time I saw it] great capture and shows the art of a back lit shot thumb.gifthumb.gif and thanks for the kind words
    Wildwally very nice GBH clap.gif
    this is about as good as it gets exposure and detail bowdown.gif
    I have no comment about that Jeff guy rolleyes1.gif but he was lucky :ivar

    special mention Aaron 's hawk sherstone eagle and the crow this was a great capture Richards eagle bowdown.gifthumb.gif chrisj good exposure on the tv [not easy] rkneckt your eagle shots thumb.gif 1st one was clap.gif it does have the wow factor and curios yor owl was real nice
    thanks again, my first win at dgrin.Now I have to think of something ne_nau.gif oh boy
    Jeff W

  • evorywareevoryware Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,330 Major grins
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    Congrats to all especially the winner! I love how it's sharp where it matters but the wing is blurred. clap.gif

    I wanted to enter my favorite, but it's an Ostrich from Africa and they don't fly. Many of the birds I saw over there weren't flying. LoL!
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  • vandanavandana Major grins Registered Users Posts: 373 Major grins
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    wow, this is great !! Thank you ! Bifs are what I love to do :D thanks for the topic and contest Davev.

    those were some awesome shots from everybody ; loved seeing all of them.
    jwear - congrats !! what a cool action-packed shot :D, love that water splashing all over. Did you expect the action and were ready or ..?! just does one get that kind of a shot ?!

    My snow goose shot was taken at Bosque Del apache NWR in New Mexico last season. the migration season runs from Nov-Feb each year. Great place to take bifs and more. Do visit if you all get a chance !

    thanks all
  • anwmn1anwmn1 Wandering the Desert Registered Users Posts: 3,469 Major grins
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    awesome stuff from everyone. The top are all fantastic shots with the winning shot having that extra WOW factor.

    okay jwear- all eyes and ears on you. mwink.gif
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  • BPerronBPerron Observer of Light Registered Users Posts: 464 Major grins
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    davev wrote:
    HM goes to: BPerron
    Although I'm not really sure if the gosling is flying, I'm sure in it's head it thinks it is.:D


    Wow, I made HM...That is amazing considering the photos that were submitted. I do agree that he is not flying, but he sure was trying to fly from that curb, his tiny undeveloped wings were flailing trying as hard as he could.

    Anyways, thanks again Dave for the suggestion and taking the time to do a mini challenge.
    Brandon Perron Photography
  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,193 moderator
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    Congrats to Jeff for a fantastic shot. bowdown.gifbow

  • JGDJGD Grinning Registered Users Posts: 315 Major grins
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    Very Cool Shots!!
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  • eL eSs VeeeL eSs Vee Beside himself. Registered Users Posts: 1,243 Major grins
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    These are all amazing shots. The wow factor grew as I scrolled through each image. You five are all great! bowdown.gif Way to go! thumb.gifthumb.gif

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  • pyrypyry Way up north Registered Users Posts: 1,733 Major grins
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    Good job!

    Excellent photos clap.gif
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  • WomanWithACameraWomanWithACamera Anna Marie Registered Users Posts: 102 Major grins
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    Congrats to all the winners. They were all great photos!
    Have a great day!

    :D A Smile A Day...Keeps The Uglies Away. :D
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