basketball court just now

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This is My daughter Natalee playing basketball, Is thier any way to get it where the basketball is not blurry? P.S. I will use my own server after this picture, I am waiting for my password as I forgot it again. lol

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    April, I think it might be very hard to make the basketball in this shot, not blurry. I suppose you could shoot another ball, under similar lighting and distance from the lens and Photoshop it in, if you have Photoshop. Maybe Master Photoshopper Shay could make it sharp, but it looks to be a little too blurry, I'm thinking.
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    Fill flash?

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    Redo the shot and adjust your cameras speed to about 125. If that doesnt help increase it more till the blur is not seen.
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    I kinda like the blurry ball. It gives a sense of activity. If the ball were perfectly sharp, it would seem to be floating in space, rather than giving a sense of motion. JMHO.
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