Mini-Challenge #69 -- Lyrics *Winner*

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Here are the results for Mini-Challenge #69 -- Lyrics

There were a *ton* of great photos (and even some pretty good songs!) and I'd like to thank everyone who participated by uploading and/or commenting on the photos for this challenge. Ranking them is highly arbitrary. A lot of photos I liked didn't even get into the honorable mentions. I basically downloaded all of the photos, put them in Bridge, and then painfully iterated over them.

On to the results!

Honorable mentions:


#5: psenior1 - "My Girl" (Temptations). Cute kid, great photo! I love the treatment on this shot.


#4: Karrie McD - Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler). A perfect composition, that's hard enough, but to do it at such a great setting at the right time too! Not that I know anything about marketing or selling photos, but this to me would seem to be a very commercially viable photo.


#3 KevXMan - Casey Jones (The Grateful Dead). Riding that train... I've always wanted to take a shot like this. Great conversion, composition, and timing with the train coming around the bend. Incidentally, of the top-5, this was my favorite song :D


#2: AaronNelson "The Day That Never Comes" (Metallica). I won't pick on Aaron for choosing the new Metallica when everyone knows that they peaked with Master of Puppets, though I will say I think the genre is very appropriate for this shot. This is a great photo with some excellent post processing (backlit shots like this are *hard* and you pulled it off). I'm a sucker for landscapes and this one is fantastic. Incredibly dramatic skies and setting. I have a feeling this photo is even better when viewed at an appropriately large size.


And the winner...

#1: grimace - "Fly Like an Eagle" - Steve Miller Band. I actually thought there was a good chance someone might pick this song for this contest :D

I could go on describing what I like about this photo all day long, but it basically has every element: excellent iconic subject, great dramatic action, amazing warm/golden light, strong composition, excellent detail on the subject, and technically perfect in terms of focus and sharpness. That fish did not die in vain!


So congrats grimace/Adam! Mini-Challenge #70 is now awaiting your topic.

Benjer offered some great ideas in the challenge thread for future challenges in case you're having trouble coming up with something:

"Then again, there's always the old standby "Rogue Zoo Animal Attacks in Southeast Asia" or "3D Sub-Atomic Particle Electron Macro-photometry," but why even go there when "Aerial Pinhole Camera Extreme Sports Fashion Disasters" is so obvious?" -- Benjer


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    A fantastic set of entries and a very worthy winner! I'm honoured to get a mention, thank you!
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    bowdown.gif A-men to the comment about a fantastic set of entries! Congrats to everyone!
  • KevXmanKevXman Always grinning! Posts: 945Registered Users Major grins
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    Thank you Ron for putting me in your top 5. It was such a fun theme with so many great submissions!

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    Fun challenge, lots of great shots in the thread.
    Congrat's Adam.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    Congratulations everyone! The winning image is just extraordinary. clap.gif :ivar thumb.gifwings.gif
  • TangoTango Major grins Posts: 4,592Registered Users Major grins
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    congrats Grimace

    whats next?
    Aaron Nelson
  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,009Super Moderators moderator
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    Congrates everyone! There were a lot of superb pictures!thumb.gif
  • grimacegrimace Twin Cities, Minnesota Posts: 1,533Registered Users Major grins
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    davev wrote:
    Fun challenge, lots of great shots in the thread.
    Congrat's Adam.

    Thanks Davev and everyone else for making this a fun mini challenge. There was no shortage of great entries on this one.
  • Karrie McDKarrie McD Major grins Posts: 372Registered Users Major grins
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    Congrats to all. And as it has been said, this was a very fun Mini-Challenge round.

    Thanks so much for the honorable mention and the very kind words about my hero photo.
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    congrats to everyone and yay i got my first honorable mention. i guess you have to start somewhere!

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    Incredible turn out. Congrats to all of the winners, honorable mentions, and participants. No one looses.

    Thanks for the honorable mention. ;-)

    @ Arron

    I thought your shot was going to win when I saw it.

    But Grimace's shot is no slouch either. Great job everyone.

    This site will bring out the best in you. On with the next mini!!!
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  • TangoTango Major grins Posts: 4,592Registered Users Major grins
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    very kind words Frank & Ron, thank you! btw, those Eagles are always show stoppers! :D:D:D

    so on to the next round!
    Aaron Nelson
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    Really good topic combined with some excellent photos! Just sorry I didn't participate this round, seems time is in short supply these days! Hope to get back im soon! Loved the eagle too, great capture!

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    Wow, what amazing turnout for this fun topic - and so many amazing shots (and songs). Superb capture Grimace, a winner indeed - congrats! And thanks Ron for the hm of my silly entry. A very enjoyable round.
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