Black Rapid - My wife is now freaked out



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    I've used BR straps for years now and never had any problems. Even with heavy gear on it, and on hikes that take all day.
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    one of my friends parents actually own br. I'd trust the straps with my camera, even though usually i'm happy with just using the original nikon ones (yea i know, kinda lame and uncomfortable, but they're cheap and do their job).

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    I've used my Black Rapid strap for about 5 years now. I understand where the photo store guy is coming from. I am constantly checking the screw of my strap to make sure that it has not loosened. Many times I give it just a little tightening throughout the day. I've warn my D700 with the BR strap for 8 hours per day and would not recommend that with the factory strap. I do take precautions, though.

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    I didn't join the Black Rapid camera strap fan club until recently, like many I was just a bit concerned about the strap-camera junction, but the current version ( Cross Shot Breathe) which I have used rather extensively in Iceland and Greenland is superb, and vastly more comfortable and handy than a traditional neck strap. Just make sure to check you're screwed in tight each morning and you're good to go! Also don't use your heaviest body with your heaviest lens either - think about the load you are putting on the connector and your lens mount. My 7D Mk II and a Tamron 16-300 travels on a Black Rapid Strap for weeks at a time now. I probably would not use a 70-200 f2.8 zoom this way, but I wouldn't hesitate to use a 70-200 f4 zoom either.

    I also realized I have been carrying rechargeable portable electric drills up and down a ladder all day long with a long cross the body type strap for years, so there's that....😄

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