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    edited September 20, 2011
    DoctorIt wrote: »
    Welcome, and thanks for stirring the pot!

    I'll answer your question with a question: who would bother taking the time to post something positive about another dgrinner if it weren't true?

    Someone who creates multiple user accounts for the purpose of building up a good reputation as the first step in the perpetration of a serious fraud. That's what happened over at Dyxum at least.

    I've had a bad experience in the Dgrin buy/sell forums - I'm not allowed to post about it.
    Lots of people have had good experiences (I assume) buying items from me in the buy/sell forums here. They haven't taken the time to post positively about it (why would they). I agree with the "why have it at all" opinion.

    It also seems a bit passive aggressive to thank him for "siring the pot," by simply contributing to the thread. Also, he was getting it back on-topic when it had gone far afield.
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